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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "when she was mine" - Zach Hood

With his focus on tracks with the overarching theme of relationships and heartbreak, it’s no surprise that Zach Hood has once again created a stunning song with the same feeling. This time it’s a song that is determined to make you reminisce—a lyrical melody that details how a relationship that could have been is happening, just not with you. It’s heart-wrenching, but it lies alongside your regrets that weren’t in your control. Life gets away from us; our plans are always messed up with things we couldn’t have prepared for. “when she was mine” is about the dream relationship that got away and how watching it happen for them with someone else can’t help but break your heart.

Coming from his new EP set to release in late October, Zach Hood releases his third single “when she was mine”. Holding a tragic meaning of the one who got away and watching them live a daydream that could have included you. Hood details the little things they once wanted to achieve together—the family and the house but goes on to talk about how she now has them with someone else. He sings, “You’ve got a family man that treats her right/He holds her hand and holds you tight/You got a man that loves you more than life/Now I’m out of time”. It’s all held within a soft pop sound and paired with an official music video of Zach Hood singing and playing guitar in a picturesque and comforting setting.

From Daphne, Alabama to Los Angeles, California, Zach Hood has had a tireless journey toward making it in the music industry. From starting on TikTok to getting a record deal, his talent only continues to grow and be recognized by many fans. He was determined to make his way with his music and in doing that he recognized that he has a want to show his vulnerable side to his listeners, attracting them with relatable content in a captivating atmosphere. He hones his sound in the pop genre with catchy hooks, “when she was mine” being only one great example of what Zach Hood has to offer.

Written by Jane Katryn



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