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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "When The Shadows Go Home" - Noak Hellsing

“When The Shadows Go Home” Noak Hellsing’s latest release, is an instant classic, upbeat and catchy paired with a source of genuine emotional sentiment. Avoidance of darkness, of negativity, is the clearest theme he describes through the metaphor of shadows. Whether this be alone, as he seems to prefer, or only around those who don’t cast their darkness on him; Hellsing is voting for light. He speaks of the city sleeping, of hiding away, places which represent the end, or an escape from, an otherwise confusing and disturbing place. His preference for light, or even dark that encompasses individual darknesses, reflects his optimism amidst a pessimistic world.

The song begins with his voice alone, perhaps a reflection of his own hopes for positive isolation. “I stuck my head in the ground” he sings, confirming these suspicions. Instrumentals join him soon enough, careful to not allow the song to turn melancholic. He sings quickly with the pace of the music but when he breaks his consistent pattern of singing in favor of longer, more drawn out notes, it somehow seems even more upbeat. His voice is nostalgic of early 2000s pop bands, offering something new within a familiar genre, the perfect formula for an immediate hit. He wants the song to be memorable, offering background vocals and unique whistles among the music that create an unforgettable tune, replaying in one’s mind long after the end of the song.

Noak Hellsing began his music career the moment he was born, he was part of an extremely musical family, his father being one of his biggest inspirations. He learned to play guitar at only five years old, and would only add more elements to this as he aged. Songwriting, singing, and piano soon joined his talents and by high school he was already on his way to a successful career in the music industry. “Lost” which Noak released in 2019 at just sixteen years old, was a reflection of this early show of skill. It holds up today, consistent with the themes and sound of his other works. In the following years, he would go on to release eight more singles, with most receiving millions of streams each. “When the Shadows Go Home” the most recent of these is likely to receive similar results, stream it now and follow Noak below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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