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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "When You're Not Mine" - NOEL

"When You're Not Mine" is the debut single of twenty-year-old, singer-songwriter, NOEL. It's about the personal experience of wanting to be with someone, of wondering about the person that you're meant to be with, of hoping that they're also wanting to be with you. The sweet track is dedicated to his future person, as he sings about how they haven't met yet but he will keep looking for them and how he will act once they are together. If you have not been in love or found your special someone yet, the deep lyrics about longing and hope might really resonate with you. With strong vocals and pop hooks, NOEL delved into his personal experiences and showed us his heart on his sleeve in this genuine track.

“When You’re Not Mine” started as a breakup song, but as NOEL hadn’t really been in love before, it changed into something more real: a story about longing for a special someone. He wanted his song to be honest, and I can confidently assert that the mission has been accomplished — he has poured his heart into a song that feels truly authentic and vulnerable. He sings promises about how he would always make that special someone feel happy and loved and appreciated. These feelings are expressed with raw vocals in the chorus with lyrics “If I was him I’d make you happy / Swear I’d always love you madly” and “I would give you all my hours / Write a song and make it ours / ’Cause right now I feel I’m wasting all this time / When you’re not mine.” It’s a beautiful, romantic track crafted with a steady, pop production that had me hooked from the start.

Inspired by artists like James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi, NOEL is a half-Swedish, half-Norwegian pop musical artist. He grew up surrounded by music, but he didn't discover it as his passion until after he was faced with an injury that altered his future in football. "When You're Not Mine" comes as his debut single and sets the stage for his debut EP that is set to release early next year. With just one track out on streaming, NOEL is already certain to have a promising music career. I am excited to see what his future will hold, and you can also keep up with all the latest info and releases by clicking on the social media platforms linked below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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