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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Where You Are" - Holly Blair

Some music feels locked in memories — like it was written, shoved into a time capsule, and the weight of time's passing aged into its sound. "Where You Are," the latest single from singer/songwriter Holly Blair, explores the past as it ages and frays. The translucent soundscape of synths provides a moody and murky atmosphere, like a lake blanketed in fog. Blair's vocals match the ethereal vibe perfectly, layering each syllable in breathy melancholy. The only textured surface to cling to is the gentle acoustic strumming. It's like frosty waves carrying you away as you shiver against a dock post. As Blair lifts into the chorus, her stunning voice carries a tidal wave's impact in its softness. As the final chorus pulls together its most solid-bodied sound, the clarity of Blair's words shift into focus. It's the realization that you aren't as lost as you thought you were.

"Am I saying it all wrong?" Blair questions in her silky croon. She doesn't find any defining thesis on growing up, returning home, or the passing of time; instead, the alt-pop artist creates a vivid world through storytelling. "Grew up walking down your street, I don't know how we managed to never meet," she opens with. That feeling, being so close yet not connecting, carries into the reflective tone. "I was only fifteen, ten years later you mean everything." Distance—literal and abstract—is the underlying theme. Even the EP, One Step Away Is Too Far, is titled around it (which comes from a lyric in "Where You Are"). Distance seems to have given Blair a deeper understanding of the song's subject. "Ten years later, we are everything." It's not mere reflection she seeks, it's catharsis.

"Where You Are" has released alongside Holly Blair's debut EP, 'One Step Away Is Too Far.' The four-track release, featuring previously released singles "See This Through," "Make It On My Own," and "Friday The 13th," was produced by Tim Carr (drummer for Perfume Genius). The EP revolves around self-reflection, fitting in, and creating peace. After teaching herself the guitar, Blair pursued music full-time until she had lost the ability to speak or sing for a year. After recovering and reflecting, she's dedicated herself to music without fear or hesitation. "Where You Are" released alongside a music video, filmed with her older brother in their hometown of Santa Barbara.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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