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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "While He Is Still Asleep " - thea wang

There are certain songs that make us cry within the first thirty seconds. For me, heartbreaking ballads always require at least a few tissues. For a friend of mine, it’s an old country song that her grandmother used to love. Regardless of what genre makes each of us weepy, these songs reach inside our hearts, bringing out our deepest and rawest emotions. thea wang’s newest release, ‘While He Is Still Asleep’, is one of these songs. Her melancholic ballad chronicling the end of a love story is one many can relate to. This song is wang’s goodbye to the person, the relationship, and everything that came with it.

Something devastatingly beautiful flows through, ‘While He Is Still Asleep’. Throughout the song, wang is accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Her gentle vocals mixed with the calm instrumentation help illustrate her sense of defeat. In the beginning of the song, you hear the lyrics, ‘Drowns the floor in her tears/Dresses up in her fears’. These lyrics were heartbreaking with their emotion, but beautiful with the way they paint the scene. I could see wang saying these words to herself in the mirror, trying to muster up the courage to get through another day in a loveless relationship. The lyrics, mixed with wang’s almost haunting vocals, break your heart for the girl who is trapped. As the final lyrics fade away, you hope that the girl finds her courage, and leaves.

Singer-songwriter thea wang is an artist who hit the ground running, writing for herself and others while also playing in various bands. She’s currently releasing music while working on a Music Performance degree at the Rhythmical Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. With mystical vocals and a knack for lyrical storytelling, this artist is one whose songs draw you in and make you feel as though you’re peering into someone else’s life. ‘While He Is Still Asleep’ is her second single and is currently available to stream on Spotify!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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