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  • Victoria James

Review: "Whisper All My Secrets" - Ella Lockert

If you’re known for being the friend who goes back to their ex despite how horribly they’ve treated you, you need to hear “Whisper All My Secrets” by Ella Lockert. Even if you haven’t experienced a toxic relationship, this song is a good example of why lousy partners don’t deserve a second chance and aren’t worth the heartbreak. In “Whisper All My Secrets,” Ella declares an important truth: someone who mistreats her does not deserve her love. Sometimes you can’t help who you fall for, but it’s always good to reflect on your bad decisions to avoid making the same mistake again. Ella reminds herself and her listeners that she’s strong enough to choose herself in the end. Although walking away from a relationship can be challenging, hearing that you deserve better is the remedy to heal a broken heart.

The song is titled “Whisper All My Secrets,” but Ella Lockert is doing none of the sort on this electrifying track. She bears her soul as soon as the song starts, drawing listeners to connect with her vulnerability. The piano creates an emotional atmosphere, and we cling to every word she sings. This song feels like all the best parts of a rollercoaster, and the exhilaration stays with you after it’s over. Similarly to an amusement park ride, the song starts slow but has an incredible, exciting build-up. It’s unpredictable and catches you off guard because of the switch from the ballad-like verse to the punchy, retro chorus. The electronic-infused pop song is an ear-worm, mixing both piano and electric guitar to create an unforgettable banger that will stick in your head all day. The powerful vocals match the equally empowering meaning behind the song. She sings like she has found her strength and won’t let anyone take it away.

Ella Lockert is an 18-year-old Norwegian artist ready to take the music industry by storm. Ella made it to the Junior Eurovision in Norway at 12 years old and decided to make music her career. She joined Magnus Winjum, released twelve songs as a duo, and performed at concerts around Norway. Now, Ella is working on solo material under her own label. She loves writing music and finding new ways to connect with fans. She writes music to process and reflect, getting inspiration from friends, love, heartbreak, and other parts of the human experience that people can relate to. Two of her musical influences are Tate McRae and Astrid S, a fellow Norwegian artist. She released her debut EP, “Confusing,” in 2021, but this indie pop artist has more music up her sleeve. Ella Lockert is also an actress, premiering in two new TV series.

Written By Victoria James


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