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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Who Am I To Say (08:50)" - BENN

As the closing track on the EP, Sweet Spot, "Who Am I To Say (08:50)" charts the uncertain path forward from the end of a relationship. Combining soaring vocals and high-impact dance pop, BENN reaches beyond ambivalence towards a true, dancefloor catharsis. The percussion evolves from booming impacts in the verses to 80's pop drums in the lifting chorus. The contrast is startling, from arresting and overwhelming to emboldening and galvanizing. BENN's vocals are double-tracked for maximum texture and clarity—not a word is lost in the lush soundscape—giving the sense that he is in complete control of the movement of "Who Am I To Say (08:50)." When he soars into rousing falsetto, or slides into a honeyed croon, the power of the song follows.

For an EP that begins with BENN setting a soured relationship aflame, it's not surprising that it's conclusion finds ambivalence for whatever is next. Despite his insistence on "Light It Up (23:50)" that the two "go and start new," the actual prospect of starting new is no small task. "Who Am I To Say (08:50)" shows BENN with a myriad of doubts and questions. "What if your body's holding me just because you think that you know me?" He asks in the first verse, undeniably contextualized by what failed in the previous relationship. But these questions can only be answered through experience. "How could I know?" With this simple question, BENN finds peace with the past and strength to venture into the unknown.

BENN, a Finland-based artist, is breathing fresh air into the European music scene through his soul/RnB influenced pop music. Centering his projects around lyrical vulnerability and sonic creativity, the sound of BENN's music feels both familiar and fresh in all the right ways. "Who Am I To Say (08:50)" released alongside four other tracks as a part of the artist's debut EP. The project charts a relationship's ending and the search for personal growth and beginning anew. BENN first appeared in the duet "Doubt" with fellow artist, Elisabeth Ehrnrooth. His first solo release arrived in 2019, entitled "Put Up With Me."

Written By Andy Mockbee



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