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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Who The Hell Do U Think U Are" - Daimy Lotus

Trigger warning: Sexual Assault. Damiy Lotus’s newest single is a fiery pop-rock track about fighting back against the patriarchal system. Just in time for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the singer touches on the all too real misogyny and harassment women face daily that is often swept under the rug. Women are terrified to stand our ground and to say no, petrified that what may happen instead may be even worse. In “Who The Hell Do U Think U Are”, Lotus takes a stand against these sexists and predators. She immediately kicks off her powerful message by setting the vile scene. She sings, “Take your hand off my leg// Just keep your eyes to yourself// Hm I see your worst intentions// By now I’ve learnt my lesson// Who do you think you are?” She illustrates this scene where a man is attempting to touch her in ways she does not consent to. She has learned the hard way that she needs to fight back, and she does. She is outraged by this man’s actions, and every man that came before him. Then in the pre-chorus, she explores a very controversial, yet incredibly critical topic with the lyrics: “And I know that it’s not all men// But it’s still a problem// Cause there’s enough of them// Walking home at night shouldn’t be a problem// But it’s still a problem.” Every woman knows that it is not all men, but when one out of three women have been sexually assaulted, it makes us afraid of the men we do not trust, let alone the ones we do not know. When we are alone at night, we are afraid to walk. When we see a man on the sidewalk, we cross the street to avoid them. This is a survival response after centuries of being victims to these heinous acts. Lotus continues with profound lyrics in the chorus, describing repulsive views from society. She sings, “He said she wanted more attention// Could tell by how little clothes she’s wearing// Why is it I’m such a bitch? // Cause I don’t just put up with it// Who the hell do you think you are?” Both society and the justice system often put the blame on the victim, rather than the perpetrator. This concept is infuriating to victims and their supporters. No other crime blames the victim, so why do sexual assault survivors have to endure interrogation? Lotus is rightfully angry and lets out her rage in this track. In this age of the #MeToo movement, women are still terrified to speak up; if you think you do not know anyone who has been a victim, think again. “Who The Hell Do U Think U Are” is an overwhelmingly powerful track that perfectly encapsulates this vital message, reminding victims that it is not their fault and warning perpetrators that we are not done fighting back.

“Who the Hell Do U Think You Are” deserves an intense production that matches the passionate message, while ensuring it does not overpower the lyrics. Lotus flawlessly executes this throughout the song, providing a melody that replays in the audience’s mind, making certain that they never forget the track. The song begins with a muffled synth intro that slowly transitions into the verse. Lotus’s angelic vocals kick off the verse, paired with the electric guitar in the background. When the pre-chorus hits, the drum beat is introduced, adding an extra element to the angsty energy. Then, the drums mute for the first half of the chorus, drawing focus on the lyrics, before kicking off again for the post-chorus. In the second verse, the drums and the guitar remain, keeping a steady rhythm. In the bridge, the tempo slows down and the production reduces to a muted guitar and the muffled synth found in the intro, enhancing the emotional climax of the song. Lotus finishes the track with one more high energy chorus that ends abruptly in typical pop-punk fashion. Throughout the entire song, Lotus’s passionate vocals impeccably sing the lyrics while showcasing her remarkable songwriting. “Who The Hell Do U Think U Are” is perfectly crafted to represent the angsty atmosphere while ensuring the important lyrics are not overshadowed.

Daimy Lotus is a Dutch pop-punk/rock singer-songwriter who is inspired by rockers like Gayle, yungblud and Fletcher. She is a huge mental health advocate and uses her music to inspire others to be their true and authentic self. She first and foremost considers herself a songwriter and has made a career out of writing for other artists, such as Paris Hilton, Phuture Noize, and Julian Jordan, just to name a few. Currently, she is mainly focusing on her solo career and has released three singles so far this year, including “Who The Hell Do U Think U Are”. If you love empowering, upbeat and enthusiastic pop rock music, then make sure to check out Daimy's other songs and follow her below.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual based crimes, here are some resources.

National Child Abuse Hotline


National Domestic Violence Hotline


Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network


National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Written By Karlee Skipper



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