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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Why Did You Call?" - Sky Katz

Sky Katz recently made her directorial debut with the official music video for her latest single, “Why Did You Call?”. The video is set up as a short film, with dialogue scenes throughout it. Katz has expressed that she has always wanted to make a short film out of one of her songs, but never felt like any matched what she was wanting. After releasing “Why Did You Call?” she realized the vulnerable lyrics told the perfect story and the concept for the video came naturally. The song highlights the aftermath of a relationship that fell apart. The former partner that caused it has now come back, acting like nothing is wrong. In the chorus, Katz asks “Why are you worried how I’ll get home?// Why did you kiss me? You don’t even miss me? So why did you call?” She is questioning her former partner’s motives. Throughout the verses, Katz recalls how in love they both were before things ended. Many of these lyrics are directly paralleled in the music video, creating a complete story that is bound to shed some tears.

The story follows the relationship of two young women: Sky, played by Katz herself and Sav, played by her Surviving Summer costar, Savannah LaRain. At the beginning of the video, the relationship seems happy and healthy, until things begin to fall apart. Sav continuously hurts Sky emotionally. After sticking up for herself, Sav calls Sky dramatic for reacting to the pain. Evidentially, this causes the couple to break-up. Fast forward a month later, Sky is seen alone in her room, still mourning the loss of the relationship when she receives a call from Sav. She answers and Sav says she misses her and wants Sky to attend a party she is at. After reluctantly going, Sky finds Sav dancing with an unnamed male. Sky storms out of the building visibly hurt. Sav runs after her and kisses her. It makes for the perfect ending to an emotional video. Katz intention for the video was to normalize a gay relationship that is not often seen on screens. She wants more media to have healthy and happy LGBTQ+ representation. It is hard to believe that this is Katz’s first directorial project because every detail was meticulously thought out and she creates a video that is memorable, leaving audiences wanting more.

Sky Katz is a 17-year-old actress and musician from New York. She has the starring role in the new Netflix Original Series, Surviving Summer. Additionally, she plays Tess O’Malley, the spunky neighbor in the That’s So Raven spin-off, Raven’s Home. She was also a contestant on the eleventh season of America’s Got Talent. Katz is both a rapper and a singer. Her recent releases have showcased her singing with pop-punk influences. Aside from her work in the entertainment and music industries, Katz is also dedicated to philanthropy. She is the National Ambassador for Sunrise Association.

Written By Karlee Smith



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