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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Why Do I Ask For Flowers?” - Lizzy Donzis

When you’re in a relationship, the most you could ask for is mutual respect and care for one another. However, sometimes there comes a point where you can’t do much else to help fix it. For artist Lizzy Donzis, this sentiment is sadly all too real. Her latest single, “Why Do I Ask For Flowers,” is the perfect melody for those struggling in unhappy relationships, when they simply don’t know what much more to do. It’s a slow, quiet song that really pulled on my heartstrings. While I may be able to relate in a platonic sense to the friendships from my past, but I imagine a romantic relationship would kind of feel the same. So, really anyone can relate to this song, sadly. But it’s beautifully written, and I’m absolutely obsessed.

This song is beautifully tragic, and you can hear every bit of emotion just spill from Donzis’ mouth. You can tell she has experienced grief and heartache even just through the instrumentals! It’s a simple piano accompaniment, which I think was the best choice for this song. If there were too many elements to the instrumentals, I think it would have been difficult to truly understand Donzis’ pain. I also want to discuss the music video, which was released today! It’s colorful, heartbreaking to watch, and gives a pretty good look into just how quickly a stable relationship can collapse. All in all, I think every element of this song worked beautifully with one another, and the music video only made me enjoy it more!

Lizzy Donzis is a 22-year-old singer and songwriter who only started releasing music this past July with her debut single, “Crazy.” You may recognize Donzis from her guest appearance on the Netflix original show No Good Nick, where her younger sister, Lauren Donzis, played a recurring role. She attended the University of Southern California, where she soon after began to release her music. In her voice, you can easily hear a bit of Olivia Rodrigo and even Taylor Swift in her Folklore era. While I don’t know if she has plans to release an EP anytime soon, I can only hope for some kind of announcement about it in the future. I think Lizzy Donzis is a hidden gem that we are only now getting the pleasure of knowing. She is only at the start of her career, but I think she is going to go really far. I can’t wait to hear what she releases next.

Written By Isabel Mays



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