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  • Victoria James

Review: "Why Not" - Naomi Jane

There is a big difference between hopeless and hopeful romantics, and Naomi Jane is here with her new song “Why Not” to make that distinction. This song is for all the young girls who grew up watching romantic comedies but have not given up on finding the love of their lives. Finding the perfect partner may seem impossible, but look no further for the perfect song. Naomi Jane turned to her favorite movie, The Notebook to inspire the words and sound of her new tune. She captures the nostalgic longing for love in just under three minutes. If we’re falling in love with anything right now, it’s “Why Not.”

Naomi Jane’s impressive voice is the main character of this song. Not only does she deliver strong belts, but she also has a soothing tone. She has an expressive voice, showing a range of emotions during the song. She sounds hopeful for the future yet nostalgic for a love similar to the past. The song bridges the gap between the two because it feels fresh and natural. The song incorporates both the piano and guitar, instruments that sound effortlessly romantic on the track. The song moves your soul yet freezes time, making you sit with the emotions "Why Not" pulls out of you.

Naomi Jane is a young and incredibly talented force to be reckoned with. She is already an actor, singer-songwriter, dancer, and performer at fourteen years old. She was born in New York and has performed in many off-Broadway and musical theater roles in her home state and California. She’s an independent artist who self-publishes, produces, and has her record label. Naomi Jane plays the guitar, ukulele, saxophone, violin, and piano and is a classically trained mezzo-soprano. Overflowing with talent at such a young age, she has many gifts to share. Her latest gift, “Why Not,” was one of four songs she released in 2023, and we are looking forward to new music in 2024.

Written By Victoria James



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