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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Wicked" - Madison Deaver

Filled with plucky allusions to fairy tales as the title may insinuate, Madison Deaver's latest single "Wicked" is a pop-punk power anthem about karma serving those deserving. Though revenge isn't always the best response, it can feel cathartic to witness the downfall of someone who once burned you. Through her lyrics and mood of the song, Madison Deaver expresses the sweet release of the villain receiving their closing chapter.

In her latest single, Madison Deaver has gripped onto nostalgia-inducing aspects of 00's emo hits and modernized the sound into something alluring. The song begins with a solo piano paired with emotional vocals, leading into the well-known buildup of instrumentals before an eruption of heavy drums, distorted guitar, and gritty vocals engulf the track. Madison's growing vocal intensity is reminiscent of power-vocal artists such as Hayley Williams or Halsey. "Wicked" is easily a song I could interchangeably imagine in a long-drive jam session or with a bouncing crowd at a concert.

Madison Deaver is a bright-faced new musician contributing to the pop-punk resurgence. The LA-based artist has started gaining well deserved recognition with live shows scheduled widely from Las Vegas to Boston. With just a few years of releasing music under her belt, Madison has made a bold impression amongst the independent female rocker community.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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