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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Wish You The Best" - Goodluck Rylie

Goodluck Rylie's "Wish You The Best" recounts a failed love story. How you can want forever with someone, and suddenly, you are filled with regret and hopelessness. He discusses feeling haunted, nauseous, and wishing that you could wish them the best. He expresses imagery of guns and blood. The track begins with a gentler introduction, but it quickly turns more upbeat as he details through vivid storytelling the demise of a relationship. Through easy rhymes in lyrics and indie-pop sounds, I was engaged from the start, as he opens up about the pain and failure of this romance through the track.

In the first verse, Goodluck Rylie sings about plans to settle down and buy a house with the love interest. This sweet love story quickly sours as his lyricism shifts to talk about them leaving, feeling like a "means to an end," and how they are "always playing pretend." Between pop production and warm vocals, he takes us through the experience of realizing that a person was not all that they seemed to be and a relationship is just not meant to last. Those feelings of regret, betrayal, and hurt are communicated in the powerful refrain "Now I'm needing saving, rolling in your flames / Oh all I've got to say is / I regret the moment we met when you said / That you couldn't get me out your head." The track ends with the lines "Wish that I could wish you the best / Wish you the best." Sometimes, we have a partner who hurts or is toxic toward us. If you feel any of the lyrics and themes resonating with you, "Wish You The Best" is worth giving a listen.

Goodluck Rylie is a California-based indie-pop artist. He was born in Marin County and now lives in Los Angeles. He made his artist debut with the single "Party Dies" in 2020, and now three years later, he has re-emerged to the scene with the track "Wish You The Best." He ambitiously intends to release a new single on the last Friday of each month for the rest of 2023. His songs tend to center around themes of addiction, loss and heartbreak, which he captures through honest lyrics and dynamic vocals. Much of his music is inspired by his experiences with change: changing homes, changing friends, changing relationships, changing lifestyles. I look forward to seeing his career grow.

Written By Sydney Gray



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