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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Wishes" - Cece Vee

When we exit a relationship, it’s hard to not maintain that desire to know how they are doing, and what their life has become. Even when you know that it’s best to stay apart, their memory is difficult to abandon, and it can lead to a sense of longing. The latest release by artist Cece Vee, “Wishes,” paints this story in the form of an atmospheric song. “Wishes” highlights the emotions that accompany the memories of a past love in a way that allows listeners to live in the speaker’s head and understand them deeply. The song creates an almost haunting ambiance, supported by Cece Vee’s emotion-filled vocals. “Wishes” is the song to listen to in times of feeling unresolved about a past love and Cece Vee provides us with just the right amount of comfort necessary.

“Wishes” is an electronic dream pop anthem that has a cinematic feel to it. Cece Vee’s songwriting ability really shines in this song. As the song opens, a distinct scene is set, and it helps listeners get into character with the song’s protagonist. Cece Vee’s singing enhances these lyrics, as her voice is smooth and angelic. The pacing of the song works well with the tone of the track, as it allows listeners to carefully take in everything Cece Vee is saying. The chorus carries an emotional kick, as it portrays the desire to understand the other person in the past relationship. It’s supported by the repetitive nature of the chorus and helps get across what Cece Vee is trying to say to the other person. Overall, the song is a powerful anthem, as it is an honest outlook on trying to move past a complex relationship that still runs deep in the speaker’s mind.

Cece Vee is a South African artist credited for her unique and fresh style of lyricism and music. She has been releasing since 2020 but began receiving more recognition for her work in 2021 with her song “Wild Hearts” which received a South African Music Award nomination. Cece Vee’s work is honest, and it shows a level of passion for the topics she discusses in her music. Her musical commentary is one that can’t be ignored, as she is a talent in many aspects and deserves recognition for her artistry. Look out for Cece Vee for she is set to release her second EP later this year, and she is definitely an artist you don’t want to ignore.

Written By Chantal Charles


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