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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "Without Me" - Laura Brino

Laura Brino has dropped her first single off of her highly-anticipated new album Cactus Moon. The single, titled “Without Me,” touches on people who change your life for the better from the past. Made as a “thank you,” “Without Me” touches on the fact that not everyone will be around forever, asking if the friends Brino is singing to if “they ever think about [her].” Brino wasn’t prepared at the start for the friend to leave but is grateful for the impact the friend had on her life. With the idea of losing contact with someone you love is a powerful idea, and one that Brino executes extremely well throughout the song.

This song is perfect for any life transition: going to college, moving away, or simply drifting away from a friend. It’s hard to find songs that encapsulate that feeling of drifting away but still being appreciative of someone who has taught you a lot. That’s what I love about the song, among other things. I also love how it strikes that balance of folk and pop just enough–when creating a song like this it’s easy to go one way or another, but Brino finds the sweet spot of walking down the line of indie and pop. That’s not even mentioning how much I love the production of the song as well–it fits the song perfectly. 

Laura Brino is a Maryland-based singer-songwriter. Songs like “Without Me” show off Brino’s love of indie folk, the genre of the majority of her songs. Writing from Annapolis, Maryland, Brino has five albums under her belt. Four are solo albums, and one is from a band with her husband, Lily and the Pearl. Brino has been writing songs since her teens in the ‘90s, leading to 30 years of songwriting experience that shows through her songs. While we wait for Brino to finish up the album Cactus Moon she has coming out throughout the next year, listeners can hear her discography and fall in love with Laura Brino.

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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