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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Wonder" - Kabelle

“Wonder” is a soaring electric-pop energy song, hitting impressive euphoric highs within the vocals. With the energetic mix of instrumentals and undoubtable feeling of positivity, the introduction to Kabelle is as enthusiastic and high-energy as the rest of the band. Inspired by artists like Chvrches or The Naked and Famous, Kabelle’s formulating a style that’s brimming with adventurous potential.

The bright and innovative atmosphere alongside the brilliantly shining vocals creates soundscapes that match the emotion of wonderment. Kabelle does a stellar job adding a soundtrack to the emotions that we all experience daily, reminding us of the feeling of wonder that we may have had as a child, and urges us to go out and seek this feeling again. To carve out this niche sound, their nostalgic passages and futuristic vision are accompanied by intense synthesizes and driving drums.

Kabelle, formed in early 2020, started off as solo singer/songwriter Katie Jones collaborating with artists worldwide on a number of features. After deciding to transform Kabelle from a solo project into a group, Jones met Adam Gordon. Their chemistry was obvious from the very first track they wrote. Finding strengths in each other’s abilities, Katie’s powerful voice and while Adam’s diverse background of musical influences bridge the gaps between bedroom production and exciting live performance. Finally, the incredible drummer Bertie Atkinson joins to bring drive and energy to their tracks. As Kabelle teases out their singles, they gradually build their hype and experience as they gear up to release their debut EP.

Written By Megan Cao



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