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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Work To Do" - Erika Karina

Erika Karina releases heartbreaking new song, “Work To Do,” about the aftermath of a toxic relationship and how it rewires your head and heart. Just because you escape the reins of a toxic person, the trauma and tribulation does not dissipate with their presence. Moving on is never easy, especially when you were once so naïve to how much pain love could create in your past. “Work To Do” is about finally putting yourself out there when dealing with a heart you did not break and a future you did not foresee. A negative relationship causes internal wounds that turn to deep scars we might never completely heal, and so we proceed with extra caution when our heart begins to flutter for someone new because you can’t trust your judgment or others the way you used to. Being able to trust a new person will not happen overnight, but the right person will take that journey with you and patiently wait until you can let your guard down again. Don’t rush your healing process; don’t apologize for trepidation or vigilance; trust your gut, and give yourself a fighting chance to rewrite the narrative someone else created for your perception of how love has to be. The ultimate love story after a toxic relationship is the one you have with yourself. Never apologize for taking the time to fall back in love with yourself, and fight for yourself.

“Work To Do” is a hauntingly beautiful song that showcases Erika Karina’s exceptional vocal talent. The ballad begins with gentle guitar strumming that instantly puts you in your feelings, and you know you’re in for a gut wrenching tale. Erika lets down her walls and allows us to see her vulnerability. Her lyrics are raw and honest as she eloquently recounts the struggles of navigating life after a toxic relationship. As the song progresses, Erika’s vocals build, and her increased passion conveys the pain and frustration of trying to mend your heart and mind after being so betrayed by someone you loved. Her emotional depth is unmatched, and the lyrics are straight out of the lengthy paragraph in our notes that we wish we had the courage to send. Her minimalistic production allows the voice to shine, and her words cut deep. This introspective track will resonate with anyone who is burdened with moving on and rediscovering yourself in the wake of toxicity and heartbreak.

Erika Karina is an up-and-coming LA based singer/songwriter. Her debut album, i’m okay, was released in February and tells the story of Erika’s turbulent 2022. Erika took a life-altering chance and moved to LA to pursue her passion for music. Along with a new life and a new hunger to hone her craft, Erika entered into a toxic relationship. Through personal growth and development, she learned how to accept healthy love and found someone new to share it with, and she wants to let her audience know it’s possible to not only bounce back, but come back stronger than ever only accepting what you deserve. Erika Karina is a powerhouse, and she is using her talent and tumultuous past to help heal others and let them know they are not alone. Erika may have “Work To Do,” but she is already well on her way to inspiring people and making a name for herself in the industry!

Written By Grace Chapman



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