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  • Jaylice Mitchell

Review: "Worth It In The End" - Vicky Rai

Worth It In The End" by Vicky Rai is this dreamy-like song about the artist talking about her life experience as someone a part of the LGBT community and the vulnerability that comes with coming out and hoping the people around you love and accept you as you are. As someone who has known that they are queer, this is definitely a song I can easily deepen the story behind, just like I’m sure everyone else in my community can. There’s this gut-wrenching feeling about the possibility of having to hide who you truly are, in order for the people around you to still love you. Even so, the only person who needs to accept yourself is you, and when you can do that, the right people in your life will follow suit and support you endlessly no matter your orientation or how you feel in your heart. You shouldn’t let anyone tell you how to live your life or fit inside a box that you just can’t squeeze into.

The vocals in this song are absolutely lovely and almost siren-esque as the background vocals have this smooth quality to them as Vicky so beautifully weaves the pages of her story within her melody and lyrics. The first verse has the singer reflecting on early signs of attraction for someone but possibly not being able to act upon it due to being scared to say anything about it. There’s this automatic hesitation when thinking about the societal pressure to suppress thoughts of liking someone who’s the same gender as you. Like it isn’t appropriate, even if you can’t help who you love. Yet there’s this sense of fear at potentially facing consequences, no matter what they are, for openly expressing her feelings. Internal conflict is also a given as she questions herself and chooses between her personal feelings and the ones of the people she loves. She doesn’t want to disappoint them. The pre-chorus echoes lyrics that represent her repetitively trying to grapple with these feelings, trying to at least suppress them in hopes of some kind of resolution. The chorus kicks in, and it’s essentially the singer telling herself to “Get Out Of Her Head” and urging herself to stop overthinking not only her identity but her feelings too. She expresses this desire to become more than friends with the object of her affections while also encouraging herself to start the path of self-acceptance. Verse two depicts the societal struggle of expectations and pressure to conform to an identity that’s more palatable. As the pre-chorus and chorus reiterate this struggle, it’s internal. However, the final chorus wraps up the song beautifully as it comes in like this romantic self-mantra lullaby to herself about not overthinking it, how her feelings aren’t a phase or temporary, and reassuring herself that even if it takes time, it all will be okay. This is a beautiful song with not only beautiful musical aspects, but the songwriting and real-world ties this song to the LGBT community dig very, very deep, and I can see queer people relating to this. This song is about accepting your sexuality even through the fear and worry of what might happen; you’ll never be able to live your true authentic self if you’re scared of what will happen, and the only person who gets to have an opinion on you is you! This song is just so absolutely lovely; I know I’ll find myself listening to it again and again.

Vicky Rai, a Toronto-based artist with deep Portuguese roots, has this amazing ability not only to beautifully delve into emotions, but the music is not only relatable but also sort of irresistible, and she has this cadence to her voice that only some of the best R&B pop singers have, which is super unique and also absolutely gorgeous as this contemporary song takes you over. She continues to garner recognition (and for good reason) from esteemed radio stations to even music blogs like Music Buzz, Moan Barrow, and ESCCovers, who’ve dubbed her the next big thing in music. With 11k (and counting) monthly listeners, this song showcases why it’s no surprise she has that many monthly listeners. The more connected a song is to someone’s personal life and struggles, the more human it is, and the more you can’t help but relate to it. Vicky Rai is an amazing artist, and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future, and if you want to stay tuned, click on the links below to get a front-row seat to what this artist might create in the future!

Written By Jaylice Mitchell



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