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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Wrong Time" - Izzy Potter

Izzy Potter's new single "Wrong Time" spotlights her ability to express her emotions through lyrics. She draws stylistic comparisons to artists like Noah Kahan, Taylor Swift, and Lizzy McAlpine. Izzy captures the complications of relationships and love. In "Wrong Time," Izzy reflects on a love that never seemed to align due to timing and circumstances. The lyrics paint a picture of missed opportunities and unspoken feelings as Izzy navigates the line between friendship and something more. The honesty of her lyrics and the delivery of the vocals hold all the longing that comes with unrequited love. The production of the song really amplifies the intensity of Izzys emotions.

The chorus of the song highlights the bittersweet view of a love that could never quite come to life. The line “know we’re tiptoeing the line between more than friends” captures the confusion Izzy feels on where the relationship stands. The reoccurring message of wrong time is where the blame of why the connection was missed. The chorus ends on “Maybe we’ll find, everything falls in line, so let’s say it’s the wrong time.” She feels hopeful yet resigned for what could have been and what could be. The song concludes to accepting that this is just the way it will be. Right person, wrong time.

Izzy Potter has been songwriting since she was twelve years old. She is a brilliant lyricist taking raw emotions and telling a story. “Wrong Time” is only one song out of her incredible discography. She has been releasing music since 2021. Izzy has a gift and I’m anticipating a lot of incredible releases. She is based in Nashville, Tennessee and does perform live in the area. Check out her socials and her website down below if you are interest in hearing Izzy live and experiencing her music in a new way.

Written By Emylee Herring



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