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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "XO" - BOWIE

BOWIE's new single "XO" is out now. In her new release, the artist opens up on an emotional track and shares a more vulnerable side with her listeners. In this track, you can hear every lyric come straight from the artist's soul. BOWIE is standing out in the pop music world with her unique Indie-Pop sound and her ability to capture strong emotions and express them through her music. Filled with strong vocals and a heavy drum melody, this new single of hers is full of passion and drama. BOWIE will undoubtedly leave her listeners hanging on to her every word.

The Pop artist released her debut single “XO” on October 14, 2022. Her new single starts off strong and carries the same upbeat momentum till the end. With opening lyrics “I already lost all I had so I’m not afraid to lose again”. The artist expresses, “I don’t want no secrets no more” and “I don’t want to lie to myself”. She wants her listeners to know she doesn’t want to hide anymore. She sings of feeling like she lost everything she has ever had and being afraid to lose again with the lyrics “ I explode, I xo what is mine”. Her debut single ends with some breathtaking vocals as you hear the artist repeatedly sing “ I xo”. The artist has also shared a show-stopping video of "XO" that was recorded as a live session where you can find BOWIE giving an emotional performance to capture those same feelings from her single.

BOWIE is an Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter based in Germany. She is a promising up-and-coming artist with over 1,700 monthly listeners. Her first single “ I Want You Home” reached an impressive 881,000 plays on Spotify. Fans recognize BOWIE for her singles like “ Wasting All You Lovin' " and “Easy” and now “XO”. This song is the first single from BOWIE’S Upcoming debut EP. The Upside Down EP is set to release later this year on November 25th, 2022.

Written By Jenna Barton



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