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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "y am i not okay" - Luci

Most of us have gone through a tough breakup at least once in our lives. But a breakup where the other person seems to be doing better than you afterwards is even harder because you see them moving on while you’re still stuck in the past—or at least slowly trying to get over it. You thought they’d be struggling too because of the love you used to have for each other, but it’s the complete opposite—they’re doing just fine. Luci’s song, “y am i not okay” from her upcoming album, is about going through a blindsided breakup and how devastating it can be. It’s heartbreaking when they say that they won’t find anyone like you or wouldn’t want to be in another relationship, but then they go ahead and find someone else like it was nothing. You’d feel betrayed and lied to because they’re going against their words. You’re stuck there wondering if they ever loved you or meant anything they said. How are they doing okay, but you aren’t?

The intro of “y am i not okay” has an ambiguous ambience with echoes, ad-libs, and minor piano chords, creating a wandering and dreamy effect. Luci’s angelic vocals get introduced slowly, giving off a mysterious soundscape that draws you in, Her high, breathy voice perfectly accentuates the lyrics, showcasing a sense of raw emotion through each line. The consistency of her tone creates a sympathetic impact on the listener about feeling heartbroken after a breakup. The electro-pop soundscape is subtly contrasted by her deep, emotional lyrics that enhance the overall message. The instrumentation is minimal, which helps us focus on the lyrics; the tempo is medium-paced with an upbeat rhythm, slightly highlighting a trap-inspired beat. The bridge of the track has a sentimental feeling through the lyrics paired with a dreamy but slightly eerie ambience in the background that leads to the last chorus bit with the same medium-paced tempo.

Luci is a queer singer/songwriter, producer, and performer that wants to shape the world in a better way. She first found her passion in music as an electronic music producer. She explored her artistic capabilities and dug into singing and songwriting, expanding her artistry of EDM and exploring the world of pop and performance. Her music has improved and has become more ambitious than before which is a new, captivating era for people. While still keeping her musical past, dance and alt-pop music heavily influence her sound. She has over 200K monthly Spotify listeners with over 36K followers. Her diverse music shows her ability to produce different sounds for people to enjoy. Make sure to check Luci out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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