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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "yeti" - Paris Paloma

A mythical creature surrounded by snow and instilled with ice, the Yeti haunts the Himalayan mountains and those that inhabit them. The eerie fables spread about this creature snuck their way into Paris Paloma’s recent release, where she compares the end of a relationship to the dwindling sightings and lost footprints of the Yeti himself. In the chorus, she sings, “We're nothing but myths now / That neither of us believe in”, equating their broken hearts with nonbelievers. Their faith in the Yeti is lost, however they recognise the beauty that they once shared. The song is scattered with mentions of snow and forested lands, adding to the whimsical energy Paloma created with this song.

Paloma’s delicate vocals, lyrics and solemn nature are joined with Old Sea Brigade on this track to round out the folk and indie sound. Old Sea Brigade, whose real name is Ben Cramer, is signed to the same label as Paloma, and joins her in their genre of music. He is heard in the chorus of “yeti”, and their voices blend together powerfully to create a haunting ambiance. The light acoustics and soft instruments throughout the background tie the song together and give an all around soundscape of elegance with a touch of sadness. Staying true to the themes of myth and folklore, Paloma’s style of enchantingly mysterious music shines through.

Paris Paloma is a singer-songwriter from the UK, who has been releasing music on Spotify since late 2020, and has amassed nearly 3 million monthly listeners. She has released multiple singles, as well as an EP titled “cemeteries and socials”. Her style is consistent throughout these releases, with her whimsical soundscapes and themes of womanhood. Paloma signed with Nettwerk Music Group, a company founded by Terry McBride, Mark Jowett, Ric Arboit and Dan Fraser in 1984, with the goals of helping artists grow their careers. This September, she is doing a small tour around Europe, with dates in locations such as Ireland, the UK, and Poland. Make sure to follow her social media accounts below and stay tuned for more releases from Paloma.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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