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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "You Deserve Something Else" - Corey Miranne feat. Abby Holliday

Corey Miranne and Abby Holliday teamed up to create perhaps one of the saddest breakup songs of 2022. Their single, “You Deserve Something Else”, tells the narrative of someone who thought they were in love, but realized they were never truly invested in the first place. The songwriter is full of sorrow, knowing that they hurt this person. They regret not admitting to themselves earlier in the relationship that they could not love their partner. The most heart wrenching lyric in the song is “The higher we climbed, the further down I fell”. This line represents the agony the narrator is feeling. They knew that the longer they held on to this relationship and hoped they would fall in love, the worse the pain would be when they finally cut their partner loose. The narrator knows that their partner deserves something better. They deserve someone whose heart is in it until the end. “You Deserve Something Better” rewrites the traditional narrative of a break-up song, and turns it into an apology from the heartbreaker.

It is inevitable that a collaboration between Miranne and Holliday would create a beautiful indie track. The song starts off with a simple, yet elegant guitar riff. The chorus continues with a steady tempo, bringing attention to the emotional lyrics. Holliday’s beautiful harmonies can be heard, adding an angelic touch to the song. Then right before the one-minute mark, the song hits an upbeat. It creates an atmosphere that makes the listener feel the passion in Miranne’s voice. The musical composition and production are unique and sets the tone of the song. It does not overpower the lyrics, but actually compliments it and is exactly what you would expect from a song of this theme. Miranne and Holliday are both incredible artists that have used their unique set of skills to compose the perfect indie-pop single.

Corey Miranne is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville. His first EP, Twisted, was released in 2018. He has released several singles since then. “You Deserve Something Else” is the first single from his new EP which is set to release later in 2022. Miranne is part of the musical duo, Vanmiran. Abby Holliday is also a Nashville based singer-songwriter. She aspires to create emotional music with serious themes by being skeptical and honest, not cynical and cruel. She views her music as personal journal entries, making her music uniquely her own. She is currently on tour so check out her social media to see if she has a show near you!

Written By Karlee Smith




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