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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "you don't think about me" - girlhouse

girlhouse’s latest single is a vulnerable track about letting go of your anxious thoughts and knowing when a person is no longer worth your time. “you don’t think about me” was written from a complicated period in the singer's life when she had a falling out with someone she once cared for. She let it consume her thoughts as she tried to wrap her head around exactly what went wrong. The verses are spent with her questioning everything they both said, and the intentions of the other person. Then, in the midst of her anxiety and worries, she had an epiphany— the other person was not letting it bother them the way it was bothering her. The song’s hook was derived from this crucial moment. In the chorus she sings, “But you don’t think about me// You don’t think about me// I think it’s better that you don’t// I know you don’t// Don’t think about me.” The repetition of these lyrics represents girlhouse trying to drill into her head that, while she is agonizing about the other person, she is not even a blip on their radar. In the bridge, she wraps up this notion with the lyrics: “The more I keep over-complicating things you said// Is time wasted with made up conversations in my head.” She admits that overthinking about them is only a waste of time and nothing good, or real, will come from it. And that spending all her time trying to rationalize what happened will not change the outcome. This person is taking up space in her mind and it is only making her feel worse. All she can do now is let them go and move on. “you don’t think about me” is a cathartic release for girlhouse and to anyone who may relate to these anxious thoughts.

“you don’t think about me” is the perfect blend of infectious pop and alternative rock that is destined to be added to every angsty playlist. The song kicks off with a muted electric guitar and sporadic synth sounds that immediately showcases the individuality of the track. Then, the verse begins with girlhouse’s soothing voice paired with the beat. Throughout the verse, the keyboard synth notes provide a retro vibe to the production. When the chorus starts, the guitar chords open up as the energy of the track picks up and girlhouse shows off her angelic high notes. Then, the song utilizes the same muted guitar found in the intro for the transition into the second verse. In this verse, a guitar is heard playing the melody near the end of each line, providing an emphasis on each candid lyric. The track returns to the chorus and maintains the production in the bridge. After the bridge, the chorus switches to a lighter production where the guitar is playing a riff instead of chords, before exploding back into the full production for the intense outro. The song ends with the production fading out, including the sporadic synth notes found at the beginning, and guitar feedback being the last sound heard. “you don’t think about me” is a phenomenal alternative pop song that showcases girlhouse’s impressive vocals and remarkable songwriting.

Lauren Luiz, known better has girlhouse, is an alternative pop singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to starting her music career, she began her successful acting career. After starring in a few shows and experiencing a serious break up, she moved to LA to pursue acting. She hit her big break in a production of Spring Awakening, which led her to perform at the White House. It was while working in LA that she met her bandmate and producer, Tyler Thompson. They formed their band, WILD, which went on to garner massive attention and over 50 million streams. However, Luiz felt drawn to write and release music that truly represents her, thus girlhouse was born. In 2020, she released her debut single, “mt shasta drive”. She released four additional singles before releasing her self-titled debut EP in 2021. She has released two subsequent EPS: the second ep and the third ep. Her upcoming EP follows this unique trend; the fourth ep will be released on May 4, 2023.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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