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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "You Got So High" - Tishmal

Tishmal releases her newest single, “You Got So High”, with the purpose of talking about the past and creating a very nostalgic mood for the listeners. While the single deals with some heavier subject matter like drugs and the influence of those around you, the deeper meaning of the song is about the grief of losing someone close to you, friend of ex, and how those feelings stay with you forever. Even when time has passed, feelings that we had for someone often still remain. The impact that that loss has on our life still remains when its years in the future and usually leaves us with many questions about what went wrong. Tishmal asks her question for why it went wrong in this newest single.

The overall mood of “You Got So High” is very dreamy and fluid. The tempo is very moderate and this makes it to be very relaxed. The lyrics almost just float along with the melodies, there’s no rush or urgency. I think these elements of the song reflect the message well, like there is no rush to get over grief, you take it at your own pace and often it’s a slow one that’s thought out and methodical. I really enjoyed Tishmal’s vocals throughout the song. She has a very airy, light, and flowy sound that reminds me of artists like Maggie Rodgers and AURORA. My favorite part of the song was the second verse in full. It talks about actually running into that person you lost and those feelings that resurface. I felt like I could relate so strongly to what she was describing here, and I was thinking of all my own memories and feelings. It was really relatable, and I felt like that is a sign of strong songwriting.

Tishmal is a rising pop artists who has found success following her debut solo project. Since then, Tishmal has opened for artists such as CHVRCHES, Zara Larsson, and XYLØ. Tishmal has a unique brand of music that focuses on brooding, poetic pop, similar to that of Lorde and Tove Lo. The Native American singer has many upcoming projects for 2022 including releasing original music in collaboration with producers Christian Medice and Daniel Pashman. You won’t want to miss these upcoming hits!

Written By Emily Hancock



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