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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "You Love It" - Olivia Penalva

Olivia Penalva’s new single, “You Love It”, will have you sobbing before the second verse even begins. Penalva sings a beautiful love song to the one person that made her feel loveable, even when she felt she didn’t deserve it. It is a song for anyone who feels like their flaws make them unlovable, but then they found the one person that loves them for every single part of who they are. In the chorus she sings, “Oh I just want see the things you see// Cause I hate that I can’t seem to love me the way that you love me// Wish I loved me the way that you love me”. It is a heartbreaking sentiment about the self-doubts many people feel. Sometimes these self-doubts are due to a previous relationship, or growing up with a toxic family member. After these experiences, people can often feel broken and unwanted. This song is for all the people that have found a partner that builds them up and makes them feel brand new. Before this song was over, I had already added it to my romance playlist. It is reminiscent of a perfect love story that ends in forever.

“You Love It” has the potential to become the most played song for upcoming weddings. This beautiful ballad is the perfect First Dance song to play. It sets the picture-perfect imagery of a couple that are so head of heels for one another that nothing else matters. The song begins with a stunning piano riff that introduces Penalva’s incredible voice. Her calming vocals combined with the soothing instrumentals composes a song that is perfect for the most intimate moment of a wedding reception. “You Love It” is an impeccable love song that will give the listener chills after every listen

Olivia Penalva is a Canadian pop singer-songwriter. At only 22-years-old, she has already achieved so many accomplishments. Her debut single was released when she was 13, which then received radio airplay. Her 2016 single, “Skyline (The Madlucky Remix)”, won two iHeartRadio Future Star Awards. The song also charted in the Top 40. At the 2021 Western Canadian Music Awards, she was nominated for both Breakout Artist of the Year and Pop Artist of the Year. Her many accomplishments are well deserved due to her incredible talent and hard work. She is currently working on new music that she hopes inspires fans.

Written By Karlee Smith



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