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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "You Were The One" - Beth McKenzie

Nothing drives me crazier than people from the past besmirching my name. Especially when I was under the impression that things had ended amicably. The smear campaign is a little understandable if the ending was rather unsavory. When the end was pleasant and mutually desired, though – I’m always shocked and a little betrayed by the crusade. But more so than anything, I’m mad and hurt. It’s a complicated range of emotions that are being experienced. Thankfully, when words fail me, Beth McKenzie’s “You Were the One” speaks to this experience.

“You Were the One” is a passionate alt-pop single about the tall tales that are passed around about the end of a relationship from an emotionally immature party that just drive you mad. Typically, this party is one of the former partners of the relationship that’s now suffering from mild insecurity and bitterness. The song begins with airy synths that beckon listeners to recall the past. The opening verses detail our artist’s naivety with believing their former partner would be honest and mature about the end of their relationship. Instead, we find they’ve been placing the demise of the connection on McKenzie. The second verse introduces a reoccurring rumble from the bass which builds towards the chorus to mark our artist’s growing resentment from being painted as the problem. But the chorus sets the story straight; the downfall of the relationship is due to the former partner's inability to envision the connection lasting. The sudden shift to an edgier, raw sound within the beginning of the chorus symbolizes McKenzie’s annoyance with the overall situation before simmering down to acknowledge that they both played a part in the relationship’s ending. This accountability McKenzie is assuming is extremely considerate; and I think it demonstrates their emotional maturity, too. The progression of the song afterwards features an arrangement of the airy synths and moody stringed instruments alongside drums to perfectly capture the range of emotion McKenzie is experiencing. Despite openly accepting the hand they had in the relationship’s denouement; the former partner continues to place the relationship’s demise solely on them. “You Were the One” accurately depicts how infuriating being the bigger person can be in the aftermath of a relationship’s end when a former partner is insistent on dragging you through the mud.

U.K. bound singer, songwriter, and musician, Beth McKenzie, is no stranger to the music sphere. The artist began their journey at 7-years-old, becoming classically trained in the flute. They even had the honor of performing with the Halle Orchestra at 12. However, at 15, McKenzie had to take a break from pursuing music to contend with a chronic illness. Now, the 20-year-old artist returns to continue their career and to spread their down-to-earth attitude through relatable musical creations. The artist’s songwriting not only details some of the complications they’ve overcome, but allows listeners to explore their own obstacles which generates an environment of deep recognition and understanding. If you’ve enjoyed Beth McKenzie’s music as much as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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