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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Young Blood" - Jack Vallier

Many of us miss our youth—the simple life—uncontaminated by painful experiences. Jack Vallier’s new song “Young Blood”, discusses this idea in terms of young love, wishing to redo mistakes and fix the inevitable. He says “I’m sorry you had to be the one”, an experience many can resonate with, becoming the worst version of yourself around people that count. The song interlays a message that these experiences follow us (which, unfortunately, they do) and even as we get older, we all desire to purify our minds, reverting back to our clean and untainted “Young Blood.”

Beginning with echoey guitar and somber piano melodies, the song progresses with these hollow-sounding, wooden “pops”. The chorus surges in energy, with the catchy hook “I’m still bleeding young blood; they say it’s only young love”, introducing these softly strong, crashing drums and anthemic vocals. I really appreciate the diminished, sparkling synths that remain in the background, and as the song continues, these gospel, almost celestial harmonies. While listening, I could clearly picture a promo for Jack’s concert, panning to eager fans, priming people for an electric yet heartfelt show!

Jack’s debut EP “Rebekah” (2017) set the stage his ambient, pop sound, featuring lyrics of reflection and confessions of heartbreak. From the jazz-inspired “The Boy You Knew” to the tribal, punchy single “Good For U”, Jack’s experimental leanings have helped create engaging yet thoughtful pop ballads. In 2020, he released his second EP “Changes”, featuring dreamy piano and percussive drum beats, which further established his captivatingly vulnerable lyrics (my favorite being “I’ll Be There, with anthemic and interlacing melodies). Since his start, he has amassed over 40 million Spotify streams, been featured on popular shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, and toured alongside Dermot Kennedy on his UK/European tour. Now signed to Firefly Entertainment, Jack is soon to release the upcoming project “Chaos Into Calm Pt. 1”, progressing his signature sound of intimate piano and lyrics of complexity and remorse. I really love his song “Insomnia” and, despite never being in a relationship, I could feel every word! I hope he keeps going!

Written By: Conner Pettit



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