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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS" - Leah Marie Mason

Straying from her country roots, Leah Marie Mason is embracing a new era with the release of "YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS." The track is taking the artist's sound in a pop direction and is the product of her collaboration with songwriter Sara Bares and songwriter/producer Simon Jonasson (Summer Walker, HWASA, Alan Walker). Sharing the inspiration behind her latest creation, Mason explains, "I have this stunning, gorgeous, smart, outgoing, funny as hell friend that had been seeing this guy for a few months, and it felt like every week I heard her tell me the most awful stories about how he treated her. I was always so confused as to WHAT her infatuation with him was because he… sucked! She is THE best person and friend, and she deserves to be treated that way! The song is brutally honest, but I believe it’s for the better because that’s what a real friend does."

Diving headfirst into the world of commercial pop, Leah Marie Mason pairs anti-love sentiments with an upbeat, anthemic attitude in "YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS." The bittersweet track features infectious melodies and captivating synths, driven by fast-paced pop beats. Mason's light and airy vocals float over the hypnotizing soundscape, delivering lyrics that function as an open letter to her friend. Surprisingly light-hearted, the instrumentals and melodic lines in "YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS" melt together to create an energetic and carefree mood that contrasts deliciously with the blunt, pragmatic message behind the song.

Originally from North Carolina, Leah Marie Mason is now based in Nashville and has been a country-pop artist on the rise. Her journey began at a young age, performing classic rock covers in a band at age 11. She eventually found her way to Nashville at age 19, attending Belmont University and soaking in the city's diverse music scene. Receiving wide recognition and critical acclaim, Mason's 2023 debut EP, Honeydew & Hennessy, earned the artist millions of streams and flattering comparisons to icons like Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, and Kacey Musgraves from People Magazine. Some of Mason's popular releases include "Black Sheep," "Trust Fund Cowboy," "Habit," and "Holy Water."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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