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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Your Ex" - Katie Gregson-MacLeod

It is nearly impossible to be in a relationship without comparing yourself to your partner’s ex. No matter how secure, how trusting, how confident you are, it seems to simply be a natural progression. Did they work as well as we did? Does he think about her when he says my name? Does he love me as much as he misses her? The questions circulate in a frenzy and stick right up in your head, creeping into the cracks between your security and anxiety. This feat is exactly what Katie Gregson-Macleod’s new song “Your Ex” follows. The song is upbeat and fast paced, matching the thoughts winding their way through Katie’s mind. Candidly open about her stressors, this new track is an anthem of a girl in love- trying to push negative thoughts out despite how they keep creeping in.

There are many things to consider when getting into a relationship with someone who is not in their first rodeo. Comparison is truly the thief of joy, and Katie describes this perfectly. The chorus sings, “And it would hurt if your best friend loved her / If she lived at the front of your mind / She is fit and her roots are lighter / But the bed that you're in is mine”. In this line of lyrics alone, Katie expresses insecurities and her attempt at calming these. Emphasizing where he sleeps at night after listing two things that his ex has over her feels just like Katie is having a discussion with her listeners - two girls just debriefing the situation. She lets her audience into her head and gains their trust, as well as their sympathy. She continues on in the second verse to say “If you were lyin', I would never know / You could be lyin' on her couch again”. Her trust is strong, at first she wasn’t even thinking that the ex could be an option. But again the thoughts seem to creep their way in. What if he's with her right now? What if he’s lying to me? She begs for an answer. The outro of the song repeats “And it's all that I think about / And you're all that I want now / But if you wanna try, I will / Do you feel it still?” She gives herself to this new relationship. It's all that she wants and thinks about, but all that she can do is worry about how he feels about the past. What if he still loves her? She can’t get the thought out of her head.

Katie Gregson-Macleod is a singer-songwriter from the Scottish Highlands. She has over 760k monthly Spotify listeners, and is taking the world of songwriting by storm. She has been releasing music since 2020, but truly blew up in 2022 with the release of her song “complex”. This track was first discovered on TikTok, and simply skyrocketed Katie’s career. Her music is raw and emotional, which allows her listeners to feel close to her and relate to her struggles. Her passion is evident in her voice, and the soundscape of her songs flow through the lyrics, demonstrating her true talent in this industry. Make sure to follow along the social medias below to stay up to date with new music from Katie.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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