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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Your Gentleman" - Claudia

In the beginning stage of most relationships, the love both people have for each other remains entirely innocent and pure. Most commonly, this is dubbed the honeymoon phase, where everything is sunshine and happiness between two people who absolutely adore each other. In Claudia’s new single “Your Gentlemen,” the girl in this tune is singing to a guy in an effort to convince him that she is perfect for him. She tells him all the things she would do for him if they were dating, for instance buying him flowers and taking him to dinner, things are stereotypically done by a boyfriend. With this admission, she drives the point home that they would be equals in this relationship, making her a “gentle lady” to his gentleman.

Immediately, Claudia's voice singing serenades to the boy of her affections takes over the first verse of the song. A very light and upbeat tune strummed out on an electric guitar pair very nicely with the wistful and hopeful tone of her vocals. As the first verse ticks on, Claudia continues to sing to this boy about all the ways she’ll treat him right, as a soft snapping beat is layered into the background music. This carries on into the chorus, where she really gets into all the little things she will do to treat this boy right. In the second verse, she sings more about how he makes her feel and wonders to what extent he feels the same. All throughout the song, Claudia is projecting good vibes bound to put a smile on your face every time you listen.

Claudia Tan is an impressive singer, songwriter, and romance author. She graduated from Lancaster University with a B.A. in English Literature & History. Recently amassing over 10,000 followers on Instagram and on the brink of 50,000 on TikTok, a lot of Claudia’s songs have been gaining traction worldwide. She has over three million streams on her song “Bodies” and over one million on another single titled “bad together.” Needless to say, Claudia makes fantastic music and deserves each and every bit of her success. A big fan of romance novels myself, I will definitely be checking out her novels Perfect Addiction, Perfect Illusion, and Perfect Ruin. In fact, Perfect Addiction was just made into a movie! We are so excited to see all of the success Claudia will continue to amass in the future.

Written By Molly Schiff



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