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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Run With Me" by Dani Doucette

Ever thought of spontaneously leaving everything behind and starting over? Indulge in your freedom with ‘Run With Me’ by Dani Doucette. Taking risks is often necessary for personal growth, but that’s easier said than done. “If you wanna be with me then you gotta run with me; when I think that I know you, you’re changing it up like a storm in my gut.” When it comes to relationships, flip the perspective by challenging other people to meet you at your energy level. Move on from those who push your boundaries, don’t reciprocate your efforts or hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself. No regrets!

Doucette’s ethereal voice is simply bubbling with enthusiasm. Her cheery, conversational tone is like marshmallow’s sweet and coats the song with a silky-smooth finish. “We go off like a loaded gun, this madness has always been us; we can’t get enough, still loving and leaving the ones that we love.” The second verse alone elicits high praise for Doucette’s writing style, containing a mixture of descriptive experiences and very real ideas on love. Warm synthesizers and marvelous layering give this song a fulfilling electropop feel that’s guaranteed to unleash the freedom within!

Dani Doucette is a Pop/R&B artist from Toronto, Canada who’s recently hit her stride in the music industry. She’s been songwriting since she was 6 years old and has learned much about her artistry since then. She likes to experiment with different styles without being confined to one genre. Her influences include artists like Dua Lipa, Halsey and Leona Lewis. ‘Run With Me’ is Doucette’s first single off her debut EP of the same name. With themes like transparency and finding your way, each song is a story that immerses the listener in the entrancing “Daniverse.” Go check it out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez


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