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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"smalltowns" - LOVELOVELOVE

The rise of social media has certainly changed how we interact with others. Taking inspiration from that idea, ‘smalltowns’ by LOVELOVELOVE is a dreamy collection of thoughts about love and relationships in the modern era. “That’s how you throw it all away; everybody’s talking cuz they know now.” The song contains a metaphor relating the prevalence of social media to a small town. Word gets around fast! The resulting pressure can place strain on our relationships. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rush of it all! Mix all of those ideas together and you’ve got a serene anthem that’s surprisingly addictive!

When we post on our socials, we tend to present our best and withhold anything we don’t want just anyone to know. “Is it just me? I hate how this feels, to have to be fake but the fake feels so real.” Daydreams and stark reality seem to merge when love gets involved, and this line is a prime example of that. Idyllic guitar strums set up an easy-going vibe that’s super peaceful. The vocals are full of flavorful textures that allow you to really feel the honesty in each phrase. You can tell that there’s so much heart and soul poured into this! This is a great chill song to elevate your mood!

The Brisbane indie-pop duo of Denis Janse and Jared Hundermark have just released their debut single ‘smalltowns’. Their work is greatly influenced by LANY and The Chainsmokers. Their authentic sound originates from their goal to focus exclusively on the music rather than the aesthetics. After months of planning, they finally decided to start sharing their wonderful music with the world. They’ve got another single coming in April and a debut EP coming in June! Be sure to stay tuned!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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