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  • Brielle Pattillo

“SOFA” - Courtney Govan

This bubbly pop anthem gives me the best feelings of innocent love. “SOFA” has such a fun energetic vibe that would make anyone want to get up and start dancing. This song builds perfectly and talks about wanting to spend time and get closer to that special person in your life. We’ve all had that moment when all we wanted was for them to come over.

The vibrant electric guitars paired with lively vocals make for a perfect song that I could totally imagine being featured in a scene of a coming-of-age film. Courtney flawlessly utilizes dynamics throughout the track that keeps every aspect of the song interesting. A summery feel fills my head as I listen to this song, and I love it. The warm feeling of the chorus makes me long for the comfort of summer.

Courtney Govan Is an independent singer/songwriter from San Diego, California. She has made her statement within the contemporary and indie sounds of pop. Courtney gained over 500k followers on TikTok due to her song “serotonin” going viral. Eventually landing a spot on a Spotify playlist, she continues to grow more Opportunities for herself.

Written By Brielle



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