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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Summer" by Francesca Guerra

Do you miss the people who used to be in your life? Recall them fondly with ‘Summer’ by Francesca Guerra. Over time, people come-and-go like vehicles on a highway. While we hope our closest friendships last a lifetime, some people are only in our lives for a season. Nevertheless, we love and appreciate our experiences with them, even after they’re gone. “It’s so contagious love, it writes with pen on every page; we live without permission, let’s just savor everyday.” This song is a constructive reflection of the relationships we have with others. It’s also a conversation about how to effectively cope with feeling forgotten.

The dream-pop style production is like a mirage of nostalgic memories slowly fading away. The soulful and angelic voice of Guerra effortlessly floats with the surrounding synth. Guerra’s personal anecdotes, linked to a past relationship, drive home the strong feelings of loneliness that she felt during lockdown. “Now call on me even just for a minute, I wanna remember what your voice sounds like; even if you don’t need it, to say goodnight.” Throughout the song, Guerra's lyricism pierces your soul with relatable experiences while maintaining a tranquil mood. An expression of compassion in the lyrics is a fond reminder of the positive memories that shape you.

Francesca Guerra is an Italian singer-songwriter whose music combines Italian pop and British Indie. She started her music ventures in Rome and later moved to London, where she began work on her original music project. She released her debut single ‘100 per 100’ last March to public acclaim. Her influences not only include rising artists like Holly Humberstone and Eloise, but also include pop stars like Billie Eilish, Coldplay and Dua Lipa. She often writes reflective pieces touching on topics like intimacy and weakness. She’s currently working on her debut EP so be on the lookout for this talented songstress!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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