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  • Nicholas Joubert

"Tell Me" - PELA

Imagine you are floating in the deep ocean on a warm summer day, waves pushing you up and down. Supposedly relaxed, you're at the mercy of the sea, aware of the impending danger, but like every good lifeguard has ever preached, do NOT panic. Is this not the same with anxiety as well? That is what "Tell Me" is all about. The band describes the story as: "It is about learning to interrupt the spirals we find ourselves in and how to navigate unhelpful thoughts” . It is absolutely brilliant and such a relatable topic.

This dream electro pop track is lyrically about being in the throws of anxiety, but sonically it has an is uplifting feel to it. The deep electro beat which "Tell Me' starts off with, is producer & instrumentalist, Olly Shelton's way of drawing the outline. The track is further followed by vocals from Hannah Coombes as she colors this track with her vocals. This track is truly reflective in nature, shining the light on how to navigate your thoughts through the whirlwind of emotional anxiety. What puts the icing on the cake of course is the fact that the music video was shot in the beautiful St Mary's church in Kemptown, Brighton - it sets the stage for the mood of the song beautifully and showcases PELA at their very finest.

"Tell Me" marks PELA's much awaited return to the music scene after taking a break from releasing music in 2021. Their run of superb self released singles throughout 2020 gathered support from many press, radio and tastemaker publications including BBC Radio 1, 1xtra, Notion, COLORS, 1883 Magazine, John Kennedy (Radio X) to name but a few. "Tell Me" is the first glance into their soon-to-be-announced EP project, so stay tuned with PELA on their social media platforms below.

Written By Nicholas Joubert



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