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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Time" by Ray Marcus

Take that risk! There’s that uncomfortable feeling that comes with wanting to ask out your crush. You don’t want to get rejected, but you also don’t want to lead them on. Win over their hearts like ‘Time’ by Ray Marcus tells us to do! The challenge is keeping your composure while saying your piece. Confessing your love without hesitation is the boldest move you can make. When you dismiss your fears, you'll be showcasing the best side of yourself. Not only will you stand out, but that will surely increase your odds of getting with them!

A humble piano intro sets the romantic vibes that guide the message of love. “I think it’s time I make you mine; you look so fine, won’t you be mine?” With an alluring, confident voice, Marcus never misses a beat! The contrast arising between silky guitar and prominent synths mimics the intricacies of loving someone wholeheartedly. There’s a pristine R&B feel that’s energized by both trap beats and rap-influenced vocals. Containing perfectly timed switch ups in performance, Marcus gets an A+ in all categories!

Raised in Philadelphia, Ray Marcus grew up singing in church but he didn’t feel like he had a true gift. His real calling for music came during a 2015 stint in jail. With not much to do, he tried writing music and performed for his cellmate. Soon he received feedback and support from his entire cellblock. Years later, he’s become a full-fledged singer and rapper known for his soulful R&B sound. His influences include Chris Brown, Tory Lanez and Ne-Yo. His heartwarming story proves that artists can come from anywhere! Look out for him on stage soon!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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