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  • Karlee Skipper

"Too Good To Be You" - Skylar Lee

Skylar Lee expresses major attitude in her cheeky new single, “Too Good To Be You”. The track is about meeting someone that appears perfect on paper. They meet every criterion for the perfect romantic partner and it feels like the stars are aligning. But then, the rose-colored lenses start to fade and their true colors begin the peek through, revealing that they were always too good to be true. Lee takes this narrative and fashions it into an infectious song filled with sassy lyrics and a high energy production. She kicks off the track with lyrics that describe this person as a fictional character from a movie. One that checks all of her boxes and is everything she ever wanted—until he wasn’t. This version of him she thought she knew was all an illusion, and now she is telling him it was “too good to be you.” This energetic track is a clever spin on a common phrase by calling out the toxic traits of her partner. “Too Good To Be You” is another incredible release that demonstrates Lee’s witty songwriting and feisty personality.

Lee has an impeccable ability to compose unforgettable melodies paired with equally memorable lyrics. “Too Good To Be You” is another addition to her outstanding songwriting. Lee’s angelic, yet powerful vocals kickstart the song, projecting the listener into the energetic track. Half a second later, the lively beat joins her, setting up the tone of the song. The production explodes in the chorus, using unique synth sounds that are reminiscent of 80s pop. Throughout the track, the production is explosive with incredible energy that showcases Lee’s insane talent to captivate audiences and lead them through her clever storytelling. “Too Good To Be You” is a track that is not easily forgotten, and deserves the number one spot on every chart.

Skylar Lee is a pop singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville. Since a young age, she knew music was her passion and when she turned 17, she moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville to pursue her dream. She wears her heart on her sleeve which translates into vulnerable lyrics and creative hooks. Her perfect-pitch ear produces a unique talent when it comes to songwriting. She has already made impressive waves in the music industry, including being featured in Rolling Stone for her 2022 hit, “Hotel in a Hurry”. Following down the path of her inspirations like Maisie Peters, Emily Weisband, and Dagny she is garnering more and more fans every day and is making a name for herself as an influential pop star.

Written By Karlee Smith



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