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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Top 10 Pop Music Videos of 2023

Music is an artform that is meant for our ears. We listen, we dance, we relate to the lyrics and we connect with the soundscapes. However, when you listen to a song while also watching the music video, it becomes a whole different experience. It goes from something that you hear to something you can also see. It helps us have a deeper understanding of what the songs are about. This list is what I consider to be the 10 best pop music videos from the entire year of 2023. Not only are the songs on this list incredible, but their accompanying music videos are visually addicting.

10. I Feel Like Dancing - Jason Mraz

The "I Feel Like Dancing" music video was filmed at the Via Verde Country Club in San Dimas, California. The entire video was done in one take - meaning there were no cuts in between scenes and there were no room for mistakes. We follow Jason Mraz through the country club as he's on his way to crash a wedding reception, simply because he just feels like dancing. There's quite a few TikToker and musician cameos, like The Fitness Marshall and Lindsey Stirling so see if you can spot them! The video was directed Taylor James and the incredible choreography was done by Megan Lawson and Damian Gomez. It feels like a celebration of individuality and expression when you see the diverse cast of people. It shows that no matter who you are or where you are, everyone can dance. Click here to watch the behind the scenes of the video!

9. That's Not How This Works - Charlie Puth (feat. Dan + Shay)

The music video for "That's Not How This Works" takes splices from Charlie Puth's short film, titled the same as the song. Starring himself and the incredible Sabrina Carpenter, Charlie explained that he felt just a simple music video wasn't enough to explain the deep meaning behind the song. The most simple way to explain what song means is it's about two people who fell in love, but fail to communicate with each other. Instead of having a civilized conversation, they just fight and argue. There is no "bad guy" in this scenario, just two troubled people being human. The music video below is done very well, but if you want to see the full picture you'll have to watch the short film too. Click here for the short film!


P!NK always knows how to use her music in a powerful and meaningful way - and the same thing goes for her music videos. TRUSTFALL, also the title of her album that came out this year, is about letting go and facing your fears. Things might be scary right now, but you might regret not trying if you don't just jump in and get it over with. The music video follows a young girl who is afraid to have feelings for someone, but in the end she puts trust into herself and finds that they feel the same way. The production on this video is incredible - almost like a movie; and of course, no legendary music video is complete without some great dancing.

7. Feather - Sabrina Carpenter

"Feather" was a track of the deluxe edition of Sabrina Carpenter's latest album, "emails I can't send (fwd:)" and it was such a fan favorite, that she decided to release a music video for it months after it's release. Directed by Mia Barnes, this comedic video is for all the girls who have been treated like a piece of meat by any man that passes them by. Sabrina just goes about her day while men find themselves literally *dying* over her. *TW* if you don't like blood, I wouldn't watch this video! But really, it's just a fun and lighthearted video that features the highest heals you've probably ever seen. Sabrina is iconic, sarcastic, sassy and humorous and it really shines through in this video.

You can also watch the BTS here!

6. Never Ending Song - Conan Gray

Set inside a grocery store that is stuck in the past, Conan Gray brings back the 80s with his addicting track, "Never Ending Song". Conan pulls of the retro synth-pop star role really well, both in sound and fashion. This music video is filled with characters that you could imagine being in a cheesy 80s movie. Conan lets his intrusive thoughts fly and does what we all wish we could do when our favorite song comes on while we're in the grocery store - dance like no one is watching. By the second chorus, you realize there's something a bit more sinister happening when all the people in the grocery store begin to dance in sync; it's almost like they're possessed to do so. At the end, it implies that everyone in the grocery store is stuck in a loop, where it really is a never ending song.

5. Flowers - Miley Cyrus

"Flowers" by Miley Cyrus came out in really early 2023, and ended up being one of the biggest songs of the entire year, already with billions of streams across all streaming platforms. This song went certified double platinum and for a while it was playing everywhere you'd go. The song is already a bop and a half without context, but if you know the deeper meaning, it's even better. "Flowers" was a stab at Miley's ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth and is an interpolation of the Bruno Mars song, "When I Was Your Man" which is a song Liam had dedicated to Miley. Miley flips the lyrics and the mood, dancing around to an upbeat catchy groove and singing how she can take care of herself better than he ever could. The song was dropped on Liam's birthday, January 13th and in the music video, Miley wore a golden dress, rumored to reference and famous Jennifer Lawrence look, someone who Liam had been rumored to be involved with while he was still with Miley. The music video shows strength, independence, and just how far Miley has come in her personal journey, and within her career.

4. All My Exes' Moms - Brooke Alexx

Brooke Alexx is a smaller artist compared to the household names on this list, but her self-directed music video for her song "All My Exes' Moms" blew most others out of the water. Brooke literally called up all of her REAL LIFE EXES, and asked them and their mothers to be in her music video. You know she has to be an incredible person for all of them to say yes - which they did. Not only is the music video incredible and hilarious, but the song is unlike any other pop song I've heard (in a REALLY good way). Watch as all the boys sit around rolling their eyes and being on their phones while Brooke and their moms have the ultimate girls night filled with sushi, pillow fights and face masks. You're guaranteed to fall in love with Brooke once you watch this music video.

Click here to see Brooke calling one of her exes to invite him to be in the video!

3. Wish You The Best - Lewis Capaldi

Warning - THIS MUSIC VIDEO WILL MAKE. YOU. CRY. Lewis Capaldi is an expert when it comes to creating really emotional music, so it makes sense that he also holds a record for one of the saddest music videos of all time (at least in my book). The production quality of this video is absolutely insane. It's basically like watching a movie, and there's a devastating storyline too. I don't want to spoil it for you, so all I'm going to say is it involves an old man and a dog (and you know that can't be good). If you need a solid cry and need some help getting those tears flowing, this video will do it. Unfortunately, it's a very underrated video within mainstream media, but that's why I'm giving it the recognition it deserves as No. 3 on this list.

2. I Can See You - Taylor Swift

If you were a Taylor Swift fan during her Speak Now era, this music video is incredibly nostalgic. Taylor came out with Speak Now (Taylor's Version) in July this year which included 6 "from the vault" songs, aka songs that didn't make it on the original album way back when. The night SNTV came out, "I Can See You" (from the vault) became an instant fan favorite. Little did Swifties know at the time that it would soon have a music video. The setting is at a museum that seems to revolve around Taylor's Speak Now days. We see Presley Cash and Joey King, both who were featured in Taylor's music video for "Mean" 13 years ago. Taylor is dressed in her SN Tour outfit, and is locked inside of a vault with a painting that has the album cover of SNTV on it. It seems that Presley and Joey are on a secret mission to break Taylor and the Speak Now album out of the vault. About halfway through the video, we get another shocking, surprise cameo from one of Taylor's exes from 2009, Taylor Lautner. While in a room surrounded by outfits that Taylor wore during this era, Taylor L. and Joey break out into an action packed scene where they fight off security (aka, the ones who took Taylor in the first place).

Taylor L. managed to pull off all of his own stunts within this sequence, which was really quite impressive. They finally break Taylor free from the vault, running out to the van where Presley is waiting to make their great escape. As you can see, this is a very detailed video, which is exactly why it earns such a high spot on the list.

We did an album review for Speak Now TV, which you can read here!

1. Got Me Started - Troye Sivan

Finally, here we are at the No. 1 spot with a video that deserves the praise! Troye Sivan broke back into the mainstream when he began his single releases for his new album, "Something To Give Each Other". This included 3 songs that all got music videos - "Rush", "One Of Your Girls" and "Got Me Started". Honestly, I had a really hard time picking which one out of the 3 was the best because every single one of them is GENIUS. I really suggest watching all 3 of these music videos, especially "One Of Your Girls" which has a really deep meaning and creative visuals (aka, Troye Sivan in drag literally being the hottest girl ever). What made me ultimately pick "Got Me Started" was the choreography and the production value. This video is actually insane and I just want to watch it over and over and over again. If you love dancing, the choreography in this video is pure eye candy. I had no idea that Troye Sivan was such a great dancer. The video was filmed in Bangkok, Thailand and features many beautiful spots around the city. At the end of the video, you witness a group of people literally dancing on top of a tall building, being filmed from up above. It's just an ethereal experience to watch, which is why it has the No. 1 spot for the best music video of the year.

We did an album review for "Something To Give Each Other" which you can read here!

What's your favorite music video that came out this year? Was it on this list? Follow us on our socials below and comment your thoughts on our best music videos post!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole

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