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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Top 10 Pop Singers Who Are Also Incredible Songwriters

Top: Conan Gray via uDiscover Music; Maisie Peters via Facebook; Bottom: Charlie Puth via Insider; Sia via Fashion Gone Rogue

You'd be surprised how many singers out there don't write their own songs. Though it's becoming more popular in the indie music community to write your own music, there's a lot of legendary names that are just singers and are singing songs that were written for them by other people. This list is the opposite of that. It's a list that highlights the best singer-songwriters of our time. These people take pride in singing songs that they've written for themselves, and some of them have also gone behind the scenes written for other artists as well.

If you haven't heard his name, you've definitely at least heard one of his songs. Jason Mraz is one of those rare gems whose first single in 2002, The Remedy (I Don't Worry), became a hit. If you haven't heard that one, you've 100% have heard I'm Yours or I Won't Give Up; and if you haven't, you need to! Jason Mraz isn't one of the biggest names in the industry but he's an unbelievably great songwriter. His sound is so diverse that no matter what you style is, you will love his music. His most recent song 'I Feel Like Dancing' is infectiously catchy and a must-listen. Check it out right now below!

9. Sia

Despite her controversy in the recent years, Sia is one of the best hit pop song writers in our day and age. Other than her own music, she is known to write songs for the legendary artist Rihanna; Such as the mega hit songs 'Diamonds' and 'Stay' as well as 'Don't Stop The Music' and 'Only Girl (In The World)' - plus others. She's written for so many big names, but just to name a few - Beyoncé, Jessie J, and Britney Spears are on the large list of singers Sia has been involved with. If you hear a tropical-influenced dance pop beat with crazy high-range vocals, there's a big possibility it was written by Sia. Her sound is very distinct and she herself has a beautiful voice.

8. Lauv

Lauv is probably one of the most underrated pop songwriters on this list. The amount of music knowledge this person holds is probably more than most of us have in our pinky finger. He is not only a fantastic writer, but he's also a producer and multi-instrumentalist, uniquely starting with viola as a child as well as piano and then later on guitar. Lauv went on to study all aspects of music from recording and producing to singing and songwriting before moving onto college and studying Music Technology at NYU.

He's had the opportunity to collaborate in his music with incredible names such as wolrd famous K-Pop band BTS, Troye Sivan, Anne-Marie and Julia Michaels. He's also written top hits for other artists, such as 'Kings & Queens' by Ava Max, 'No Promises' by Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato, and 'Boys' by Charlie XCX.

We as the human race don't deserve the incredible talent that is Conan Gray. He is another highly underappreciated artist and is so wise beyond his years. He was raised on Taylor Swift's music so it's no surprise that he's able to create both catchy pop hits and sad breakup anthems. His lyricism is modern and relatable and his voice carries his melodies so smoothly that it's not possible to not like his music. He's one of the most original and raw artists out there today which is hard to find in this industry anymore. If you're active on TikTok, then you've heard Conan's trending song 'Heather'; but if you've never listened to much of Conan Gray, I suggest listening to 'Overdrive' below as well as 'Disaster', 'Memories', 'Maniac' and 'Family Line'. He is guaranteed to capture your heart.

Sara Bareilles has been in the music industry for quite some time now. Although she never became a household name, she is hands down one of the best songwriters of our time. Not only do her lyrics slip right off the tongue, but her melodies and groove are captivating and uplifting. She's a graduate from UCLA and has a unique mixture of pop, soul and contemporary in her sound. Also a sucker for musical theatre, she wrote the entire soundtrack for the critically acclaimed Broadway Musical, Waitress. Her songs are so timeless and that's a trait that is needed for good music.

I would argue that Maisie Peters is the most underrated pop artist right now. Her songwriting is on another level when it comes to modern pop music. Her sound is youthful and euphoric. Her voice is probably the sweetest voice you'll ever hear, and her lyricism has the greatest story-telling. Her music is more than just songs, it's an entire universe full of stories that will keep you on your toes. What makes a great songwriter is not only their ability to help listeners visualize a great story, but to express emotions through their words and sounds. Maisie Peters has this skill down to a T. If you've never listened to Maisie Peters, I suggest listening to 'Cate's Brother' below as well as 'Psycho',

'John Hughes Movie' and her most recent single, 'Body Better'.

Brendan Urie (also known as Panic! at the Disco) is not only one of the best songwriters from the past 2 decades, but one of the most unique writers as well. His music isn't quite pop, but it's also not quite rock either. His sound is his own and he delivers it in such an authentic and raw way. His odd pairing of words and cryptic lyricism style is unlike anyone else. They're very poetic in nature and it may take you a couple listens of one of his songs to get a full understanding of what they mean. A couple of my personal favorite songs of his are 'Victorious', 'LA Devotee' and 'Dying In LA'.

I wouldn't say Ed Sheeran is underrated. He's written so many incredible hit songs and chart-toppers; heck, he's broken streaming records. But something I've noticed a lot when I ask someone if they like Ed Sheeran, they usually say no. As a musician myself who can appreciate his talents, I'm not able to understand why so many people like to hate on Ed Sheeran. Maybe it's because his song get overplayed on the radio; maybe it's because he doesn't fit into the mold that society wants pop artists to be; whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that Ed Sheeran is one of the best songwriters in today's music. Don't lie - even if you're not his biggest fan, you've found yourself jamming to one of his songs before. (It was Shape of You, wasn't it? lol!)

2. Charlie Puth

If I'm jealous of anybody's musical talent, it's Charlie Puth. This dude's abilities are insane and on a genius level. He has what is known in music theory as 'perfect pitch' - which means he can sing any note correctly off the top of his head without having to hear it first. He's been playing piano since he was 4 years old and earned a full-ride scholarship from Berklee College of Music where he graduated with a degree in Production and Engineering. His versatility and natural abilities has led him to writing some of the catchiest pop songs of our generation. He's able to create a hit song in his head within minutes. I recommend follow him on social media so you can witness his musical super powers when it comes to writing a new song.

Well, this probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone. Taylor Swift is one of the best songwriters - probably of all time. Her lyricism is unlike anyone else. It's commonly said that there's a Taylor Swift song for everybody and everything, which I believe to be true. She's able to stay relatable while also using poetic and distinguished words to create a cathartic experience in every song she writes. Not only is her lyrical writing on a genius level, but she also has the rare ability to fit in with a variety of styles and genres. Many artists experiment with different sounds, but Taylor Swift does it effortlessly. For this article I'm highlighting what I feel to be one of her most underrated songs, 'The Last Time' (Taylor's Version of course) featuring Gary Lightbody from the band Snow Patrol, which was featured on her 4th studio album, Red.

Did it surprise you that any of these artists write their own songs? Do you feel there's someone else belongs on this list? Follow us below and let us know your thoughts!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole

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