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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Way Up" by Soran

Their smile. Their voice. The memories you shared with them. There’s a mix of nostalgia and heartache when it comes to those who are no longer in our lives. It’s like we lose a part of ourselves when they’re gone. Providing an outlet to celebrate the people who’ve inspired us, ‘Way Up’ by Soran shows the full spectrum of sensations that come with loss. “I swear I’ll keep my head way up. I’ll keep on trying.” What wishes would that person have for us? No doubt they’d want us to keep going! This song is a message from our future selves that we WILL get through the grieving process. It’s a beautiful motivator for persistence!

Soran has such an evocative voice that it stops you in your tracks! His confessional narrative is an honorable tribute to his mother, who was tragically lost. In fact, one notable thread across his music is keeping his mother’s memory alive. “You deserve the tears.” When combined with his unique concoction of alternative R&B, lo-fi and electronic sounds, the song becomes an uplifting bop that’s 10/10 relatable. The kind of intimacy he displays for his audience is legendary. Grab a box of tissues because this artist will move you in a way you’ve never experienced before!

The Montreal-based half-French, half-Japanese artist grew up surrounded by his father’s instruments. A 15-second video playing guitar in his bedroom began his exponential rise on social media. A year after getting noticed on La Voix (The Voice), he released his first single ‘I Wish’ and opened for several established Canadian artists. His debut EP has garnered over 10 million streams worldwide. He has continued to achieve monumental success through hit collaborations and stellar creativity. ‘Way Up’ is his first release of 2022 and he’s currently on an L.A. tour. More great things are coming for Soran later this year so stay tuned!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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