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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"Where I Was Before" - Natalie Gish

In ‘Where I Was Before’, Natalie Gish takes you through the devastation she felt when a knee injury took her out of a dance competition season. “It feels like forever; I don’t wanna wait, I’m gonna go insane.” When unexpected events occur, it can feel like you’re back at square one. Clawing your way out of it is like being trapped in an inescapable vortex. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Recovery takes time. Whatever you're dealing with, remember that you’ve gotten through everything the past already tried to assault you with. You’ll get through this too!

“I’ve been light as a feather at times and stumbled like an elephant.” Even on our best days, the weight of present circumstances can change in an instant. A vulnerable narrative expresses a very relatable doubt about getting back into pristine condition. There’s a passionate warmth in Natalie’s goddess-quality voice that’s so satisfying to the ears. The pureness of her emotions is flawlessly expressed through a full-bodied, soulful performance. A resonant R&B ambiance provides a simple, yet brilliant backdrop for this heartfelt anthem!

Kansas native Natalie Gish has always been passionate about music. From a young age, she demonstrated talent as a competitive dancer, a musical performer and an avid singer. After attending the Launch Showcase in Chicago in 2019, she was given the opportunity to start developing her skills as a singer/songwriter. Now a Commercial Songwriting major at Middle Tennessee State University (aka, “The Grammy Factory”), she’s working on establishing herself in the music industry. Her influences include Carrie Underwood, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Eilish. ‘Where I Was Before’ is part of Natalie’s self-titled debut EP. Stay tuned because this songbird's got more music in the works!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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