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  • Brielle Pattillo

“Wildflower” - Thomas Day

Thomas Day’s “Wildflower” is by far one of the best feel-good anthems of the year. It talks about raising your spirit and carrying on. No matter how happy and glamorous our life can seem on the outside, we still all experience pain. “Wildflower” helps us feel less alone knowing we’re not isolated in that feeling. It offers a fresh new sentiment that gives us the courage to empower ourselves.

Thomas’ sound throughout this track is reminiscent of a sunny spring day, following along with the motif of the title “Wildflower.” The moment the verse drops into the chorus is undoubtedly one of my favorite moments throughout this song. It encaptures the essence of relief and makes me feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulder.

Being ranked one of America’s top football prospects, Thomas Day spends his time writing new music and playing the piano. He gained attention by being on season 15 of America’s Got Talent. In 2019 he joined Tik Tok, quickly gaining over five million followers and 66 million likes.

Written By Brielle Pattillo



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