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  • Megan Cao

"Won't Ever Have Me" - Jordan Brynn

“Won’t Ever Have Me” describes the bitterness of a breakup in a lighthearted teenage anthem. Lyrics like “if you were happy with her/ Would you be staring at me?” are sung almost cheekily, wondering if the ex is truly doing as well as he postulates. He says he’s doing so well yet it’s clear he’s still pining after his ex. Though he’s “[playing] it off at school”, both you and the ex know exactly what he wants, but he “won’t ever have [you]”. It’s the sweet revenge every person wants after a breakup; to know that while the ex wants you back, you’re the one that’s able to say no thanks and blow off the one who’s been causing this pain.

Jordan Brynn is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift, a doe-eyed naivety in her voice. She crafts her stories carefully, teetering on the edge of heartbreak and the girl-next-door vibe. The upbeat strum of the guitar accentuates the easy-going tempo of the drums, confident and self-assured while taking jabs at the ex. This country-pop song is paired with Brynn’s bright voice adds bursts of color to her descriptive narratives. With faint soft rock influences, Brynn masterfully combines folk, country, and pop into an amalgamation of the lessons learned from a breakup.

Jordan Brynn, a relatively new voice on the country-pop scene, is eager to crash into the industry. An experienced songwriter who’s been singing and composing since she was 11, she’s performed locally around the Nashville area, specifically at the Bluebird Cafe. Now, she’s still putting the pen to paper and performing on top of being a student. Her debut EP You Like Me Better, recounts teenage heartbreak, getting over him, a lot of remembering, and maybe too little forgetting. Brynn blends pop with a multitude of genres, from folk to soft rock, as she makes her debut onto the music scene.

Written By Megan Cao



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