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Alexa Leung

Member Since: June 27th 2023


Instagram: @alexa_leung

Alexa is a student at the University of British Columbia where she studies English literature and language, as well as creative writing. She loves all kinds of music, and listens to basically everything, but has never really lived down that one year when her Spotify Wrapped ranked her #1 genre as “weirdcore”. Her favorite artists include Mitski, Hozier, and Have A Nice Life; “Bury Me At Makeout Creek” and “Deathconciousness” being her all-time, most-loved albums. When she’s not busy writing essays or working on creative endeavours, you can find her playing video games whenever she has a moment to spare. Music has always been important to her and she loves embracing new genres and artists; Pop Passion is the perfect place to discover new and emerging music, and she cannot wait to see what the blog has in store for her future playlists!

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