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Chantal Charles

Member Since: February 17th 2023


Instagram: @chantyvii

Chantal is currently a student at the University of Houston pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in Literature, as well as a minor in Journalism. As a student, she’s had a lot of experience with academic and creative writing. She’s had a strong passion for music her whole life, attending her first rock concert with her family at three months old, as well as playing guitar and piano since she was 13. She’s a fan of a multitude of genres and loves learning and researching music history and culture. She has a passion for discussing the culture of music and going in-depth into how artists communicate through their work. Some of her favorite artists include Waterparks, The 1975, Phoebe Bridgers, 5sos, Taylor Swift, and With Confidence. She hopes to keep writing as much as she can and eventually work in the music journalism realm.

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