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  • Nicholas Joubert

"1-800-LOVELINE" by The Lovelines

What comes to mind when you think "I'm calling a love line?". Hopefully NOT the love lines one would've called in the 80's when you're lonely. 1-800-LOVELINE is this brother and sister duo's sophomore track. It starts off with a catchy beat, especially the base lines which draws one's attention almost instantaneously. Starting pop tracks with a chorus is a popular technique to use nowadays, because it serves as the hook. Brilliant! The track then follows with smooth vocals, reminding one of Lily Allen's track "Smile". I am impressed by the lead vocalist's technique as she easily glides between chest & head voice. 1-800-LOVELINE boasts a laid back retro vibe and the cover art reminds me of a scene from the 50's & 60's. This track is definitely on brand for the duo, considering their first release in 2021, Strange Kind Of Love.

Apart from 1-800-LOVELINE's catchy beat, vocals and the hook, I am curious about the lyrics and the message behind the track. "Three simple words, I couldn't tell you on my own" stood out to me and I am now circling back to my first question... Is this song dedicated to a potential love interest? Someone who is scared of giving you their number? Almost experiencing the same predicament we all did in middle school (and for some of us in high school). This track was released on Valentines Day 2022, a very strategic release date I'd say considering the story of this pop track.

I'd argue the lead vocalist is experiencing a moment of bravery, taking on an empowered position and giving her crush her number - you go girl, its 2022! One thing is for certain that this track has epic laid back vibes and is something you can listen to pretty much anywhere. Whether it be a coffee shop, while studying, if you're feeling 420 vibes or in a diner (btw do those still exist?). In conclusion, it's a great track. Be sure to go check the track out and follow this duo on their socials to stay up to date with any new (and epic) releases.

Written By Nicholas Joubert


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