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  • Kevin Rodriguez

"30k" - noelle

Wanna get them off your mind? ‘30k’ by noelle is an energy cleanse that will afford you the penthouse of your dreams and tell your ex that you're no longer for sale. “And there’s thirty thousand reasons I should hate you; I need to get you out the way.” Their inability to treat you with respect only shows how much better you deserve. Cutting them out of the picture is investing in your well-being. By showering yourself with the love you used to give them, you’ll feel like a millionaire overnight!

The first thing noelle does is reveal just how much the other person lost out on...with ALL the sass! “Always say things in a text, but you can’t say it to my face; then I check my bank account, I’m smiling at the zeroes.” Talks of an elite lifestyle mirror the riches that your mind receives from no longer thinking about them. The energetic synths that follow send your confidence soaring to new heights. Cascades of fluttery, effortless vocals give huge Ariana Grande vibes to this blissful pop ballad. It's like noelle treats you to an aromatic full-course meal on a first-class flight to your dream life!

noelle is an emerging pop talent with a modern R&B edge. Her upbringing on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario exposed her to a diverse mix of music genres. She quickly gained momentum through her popular covers on YouTube, amassing over 94,000 followers on the platform. After graduating high school, she signed to indie label Wax Records and spent 2 years solidifying her sound. Her thought-provoking lyrics go against the grain and speak on experiences that are frequently felt, but not often talked about. Her song ‘30k’ is part of her 6-track debut EP of the same name. Catering to fans of Billie Eilish, Tori Kelly, and Ariana Grande, noelle is well on her way to becoming the next superstar in pop music!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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