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"Absentminded" - Kailey Conner

In today’s world, many of us strive to build up the mental resilience and fortitude necessary to deal with the increasingly unpredictable and quickly changing world around us. However, this is not at all an easy task. It is easy to get stuck in vicious loops of negativity by letting slights, both real and imagined, take hold in our minds. But this loop doesn’t have to be unending, at least not to singer-songwriter, Kailey Conner. In her latest single, “Absentminded,” the singer utilizes a bright musical landscape to explore how to maintain that positive mindset in the face of constant negativity. Conner sings in the chorus: “Absentminded\ You’re absent from my mind\ I don’t mind it\ The thoughts are left behind\ Fill the space with all the joy I find.” She lyrically flips the typical negative connotation of the word, absentminded, into a metaphor of emotional perseverance by using it to describe the act of filtering negative thoughts out of her mind and filling her mind up with the positive things she finds joy in.

Recorded at Don of Pop Studios, Kailey Conner created a danceable pop record that allows the themes of the song to shine. She combines a surf style guitar solo with a simple yet vibrant melody that drew listeners in from the beginning. She also beautifully uses vocal layering in the chorus in such a way that adds more color, depth and an uplifting feel to the song, which adds to the positive and encouraging feel to the song. Finally, underneath it all, the smooth and steady never of the drums anchors the song which allows the cathartic message to ring uninterrupted with sincere vulnerability. 

Kailey Conner is a pop singer/songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. “Absentminded” was her second single released in 2023, with her single “Sensitive” being released earlier in the year. Kailey Conner took to the stage in 2023, as she made sure to take part in multiple live events based in Virginia, becoming a notable figure in the city. In March, Conner was featured on Shockoe Sessions Live for their special Quatres Femmes episode, and she also took to the stage at The Camel as a part of the Woman Crush Wednesday concert series. Finally in June, she was selected for the intimate Writers Round hosted by Central Virginia music platform Ignited at Spacebomb Studios. 2023 was certainly an eventful year for Kailey Conner and as time moves forward into 2024, we look forward to seeing how her music style develops and grows.


Written By Lauren Lumsden

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