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  • Grace Chapman

Album Review: "Moments" - CHYLD

CHYLD releases debut album, Moments, about capturing all the tiny moments that make up all he is as a person. Each song is about a different moment he wants to bring to life. The individuality of each song didn’t ring cohesive enough to stay on one theme. CHYLD felt each song contained a unique contrast to the next. He wanted the best of both worlds when writing his 11 track album. Within this sonic journey, you’ll find the ebb and flow of light pop tones to the post-interlude darkness. Everyone needs a soundtrack to their life, and Moments has you covered. No matter who you are, or what you’re going through, you’ll find your new favorite song and something to relate to in CHLYD’s debut album about the small things that make up one very big life.



Not A Minute (ft. NIKOLE)

Thinkin Bout Myself

Drifting (ft. Layzi)

0% (ft. Pink Navel)

vertigo (interlude)

Sleep When I'm Dead (ft. Malik Elijah)





Producer and songwriter CHYLD has been making all the right moves in the Indie Pop and Electronic music scene. He debuted his career in 2018 with his first single, "Rewind." With highly addictive hooks, CHYLD broke out with his track "ANTIDOTE" that has garnered nearly 3 million streams on Spotify and would change his life forever. Deeply melodic and eye-wateringly infectious, CHYLD is making waves and changing the music game with his new body of work that is catching attention everywhere. Everything he creates is from a personal experience and undeniably authentic. CHYLD continually births his unparalleled music that will live on forever and be the soundtrack to all our little moments.


The first track on the album is "Overthinking" which every living, breathing being can relate to. CHYLD tends to overthink sometimes, especially in his relationships. No matter how much your partner shows they love and care about you, there's sometimes that little voice in the back of your mind that you can't drown out. The voice is one of self-doubt and inadequateness who makes you feely unworthy of the good love you're receiving. The song begins with a hang-up dial tone and CHYLD's sleepy voice over poignant acoustic guitar strings. The leave a message tone beeps and the electro-instrumentals take over as his voice gains clarity. The lucidity in his voice contrast with the overall message of overthinking in fear of losing the person who means the most to you.

"Not a Minute" (ft. NIKOLE)

"Not A Minute (ft. NIKOLE)" is a tribute to CHYLD's partner. It's his solemn swear to let her know he's not going anywhere. He wants her to know that he will never take her for granted. No matter where he is, or who he's with, he's always thinking about her. This track is the song every woman wishes a man would write about her. His commitment and love for her is confirmed with every word he sings. NIKOLE glides in with her beautiful vocals and woman perspective. "Not A Minute (ft. NIKOLE)" depicts the say-the-word-and-I'm-there type of love. You never feel fully secure until someone makes it abundantly clear they're not going to leave.

"Thinkin Bout Myself"

The third track on Moments is "Thinkin Bout Myself." The overarching thing that CHYLD has always tried to work on is to better himself. He strives to take a step back and stop working. "Thinkin Bout Myself" is about toeing the line between being selfish and being hungry to chase your dreams. He doesn't want to be considered selfish, but try as he may, he can't help but feel monopolizing of his time in relationships. Regardless of who he's with or what he's doing, his mind can't help but drift to what's his next move in his career. It can be really hard to stop and smell the roses when you're always on the go and staring at the stars.

"Drifting" (feat. Layzi)

"Drifting (ft. Layzi)" is the fourth track on CHYLD's debut album, and it's about not feeling like yourself. Sometimes you can be on cloud 9, and in an instant, a wave of disconnect washes over you as you try to swim back to the surface. CHYLD rarely catches himself in this feeling, but when he feels unlike himself, he has to stop and understand why. While writing Moments, he was ecstatic in his life. He was hungry in his craft, grateful for his partner and family, but the little voice of doubt didn't seem to dissipate. Anxiety was a new feeling for him, and he articulates it quite eloquently. These feelings can lead you down a long, winding road with no map to bring you home. "Drifting" sounds like a euphoric disassociation. You want to plant your feet and be you to the fullest, but the mind is a powerful steering wheel that can take you off course in an instant.

"0%" ft. Pink Navel / "Vertigo" (interlude)

The fifth and sixth track on Moments is about an experience CHYLD had last year when he suffered his first vertigo episode. "0% (ft. Pink Navel)" is a funky, new-wave house song about running on low battery. "vertigo" is the interlude that ends the light pop-tones and transcends us into the darkness for the second half of the album. During his own experience of vertigo, he had never felt so dizzy or nauseas, and this is the first time he's sharing that frightening story with the world. He's grateful the situation wasn't worse, and it is a persistent reminder of how important it is to take care of himself. Working hard and chasing after your dreams is admirable, but nothing is more essential than tending to your physical and mental health needs. After his family came to the rescue, he remembered what it felt like to be taken care of again, but that care also has to come from within.

"Sleep When I'm Dead" (ft. Malik Elijah)

"Sleep When I'm Dead (ft. Malik Elijah)" has a similar theme to the previous tracks. It depicts the internal battle of pushing yourself past the limit to achieve what you know you're capable of and taking time to live in the moment and appreciate the milestones along the way. CHYLD has a self-proclaimed tendency to prioritize work and his music over sleep and other important things like people and places. Being a hustler is who he is, and that may never change, but after writing Moments and the summer, he has found joy in the little things. He's found solace spending more time with his family, friends, and partner, and although he'll sleep when he's dead, he's eternally grateful that slowing down has helped him escape that dark place he once found himself in.


"Moments" is the title-track for CHYLD's debut album. Sharing similar thoughts of trying to prioritize family and a personal life, CHYLD is learning to live in the moment. There will always be another goal to achieve or dream to chase, but you also have to reflect and be grateful for all you have accomplished thus far. You have to be appreciative of all the times you've succeeded beyond what you ever imagined possible. No matter how busy your schedule, you have to soak up each little moment that you got to experience along the way to becoming who you are and who you're meant to become. You can always want bigger and better, but take a moment, take a breath, and look at how far you've come. Life is made up of little moments like this.


The 9th track on the album is "Sunshine/Blessings." This song is about being lucky enough to find someone who feels like sunshine in a bottle. The biggest blessing in CHYLD's life is his partner, and he wants her to know that will never change. Just like sunshine peaking out of the clouds after a rainstorm, she has brought him out of that dark place. She continues to remind him how important and valuable he is. Their relationship is a two-way-street of constant love, admiration, and support. Just like we revolve around the sun, the sun allows us to live and grow.

"idontlikeanybody" / "Home"

The last two tracks of Moments go hand in hand. CHYLD went from not liking anybody to finding his home within another person. "idontlikeanybody" is a robotic ode to meeting someone who changes everything you believe in. When you are focusing on yourself and your career, it's much easier to not like somebody and move on than to make someone else a priority, but when you meet the right person, all reason goes out the window and your heart has no problem growing out the doubts in your head. There may be no greater compliment than being loved so deeply by someone who doesn't like anyone. "Home" is a beautiful conclusion to an album about appreciating the moments on the way to chasing your dreams. The biggest dream anyone could have is to be loved so genuinely, and find safety in a soul that isn't yours. Home is rarely a place with a white fence; home is really where your heart is, and when your heart is with another person, home sweet home takes on a completely different meaning.

CHYLD’s debut album, Moments, perfectly illustrates the trials and triumphs of this thing called life. There is no roadmap for finding yourself and eternal happiness, but stopping to appreciate every step taken is the only way to comprehend how far you’ve actually come. He’s making the moments is his life immortal through his music and giving his listeners a safe space to know they are not alone in feeling lost or facing an internal battle of chasing dreams but being present. There is a song for every season of life. Moments is the tale of an all-encompassing personal journey, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the incredible.

Written By Grace Chapman


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